Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Domo Expands AWS Relationship

New native integration for Amazon Redshift, plus access to 1,000s of data products through AWS Data Exchange, helps customers more easily transform business with modern BI for all

SILICON SLOPES, Utah – Today at Domopalooza, Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announced deeper support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help customers more easily transform their business by leveraging data available from both their Amazon Redshift cloud data warehouse as well as their subscription from AWS Data Exchange.

“AWS has been an incredible collaborator in our mission of helping customers transform business with modern BI for all,” said Jay Heglar, Chief Business Officer, Domo. “Whether working to make machine learning accessible across the enterprise through AutoML, expanding access to third-party data products from AWS Data Exchange, driving value from IoT data, or providing a powerful data engine from which customers can use Domo to put data to work across the enterprise, this relationship helps customers accelerate their digital transformation through better leverage of data.”

Domo’s announcements made today in cooperation with AWS, include the following:

Domo for Amazon Redshift, a new native integration

Domo announced Domo for Amazon Redshift, a new native integration designed to help customers get more value from their investments in AWS’s high-performance cloud data warehouse. Domo for Amazon Redshift goes beyond a federated solution and will allow customers to keep data for analytic workloads directly in Amazon Redshift. With this new offering, customers will be able to retain all the existing logic they’ve already applied to their Amazon Redshift data, while using Domo’s modern BI platform to make it more accessible and actionable for anyone across the business.

“Customers are migrating their on-premise data to Amazon Redshift for its ability to efficiently handle peta-byte scale workloads,” said Catherine Wong, Chief Product Officer and EVP of Engineering, Domo. “We’re thrilled that customers will be able to leverage Amazon Redshift as the analytic engine for modern BI while using Domo’s powerful, yet user-friendly design, to put that data to work across the business.”

Using Domo for Amazon Redshift, customers can read and write directly to Amazon Redshift, create databases, and manage access to databases according to the schema they’ve established. In addition, Domo for Amazon Redshift comes with Domo’s full toolbox of data integration and management capabilities to ensure data is not only accessible, but properly governed to give BI and data professionals the confidence they need to unleash data across and beyond their organization through Domo solutions like intelligent apps and Domo Everywhere.

“We use Amazon Redshift to expedite analysis and innovate faster. This new native integration with Domo will allow our entire organization to leverage that data with even more agility to understand opportunities to deliver better customer experiences,” said Albert Mangahas, Senior Vice President of Data, Turo.

To learn more about Domo’s multi-cloud data offering, also announced today, visit here.

Domo and AWS Data Exchange Make Thousands of Data Products Easily Accessible for Modern BI

Domo also announced today full integrated product listings for more than 3,000 data products from AWS Data Exchange in the Domo Appstore, that can be brought into Domo and leveraged with other business data to help anyone make better decisions and take actions to drive their business forward. In addition, Domo in collaboration with AWS are making fully interactive, pre-built dashboard stories available to make it easier for anyone to explore that data, and they are also providing a credit for any new Domo customer who tries out an AWS Data Exchange listing in Domo.

“Having access to third-party data encourages data curiosity and helps business decision makers everywhere ask better questions that can transform their business,” said Vita Shannon, Vice President of Ecosystem, Domo. “AWS Data Exchange is the most robust resource for third-party data products and we’re thrilled to make these easily available to Domo customers through this collaboration.”

“We’re excited about our latest collaboration with Domo that allows customers to deliver modern BI for all by creating easier access to thousands of data sources right from Domo. Together, we’re unlocking the ability to find new data sources, visualize them alongside your own data, and make smarter decisions faster,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager of AWS Data Exchange, AWS.

“Access to third-party data empowers organizations to ask powerful questions about their business and discover new ways to operate and innovate. We’re excited to work with both Domo and AWS to make SafeGraph data accessible to all, and look forward to seeing what insights users can unlock with location data,” said Auren Hoffman, CEO, SafeGraph.

To learn more, visit here.

Domo and Amazon SageMaker Make Machine Learning Accessible Across the Enterprise

Also, at Domopalooza, Domo and AWS shared how Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers, a 400-location fast casual restaurant chain, is using data science to quickly drive more value from the data it has in Domo and find a better way to evaluate the quality of its restaurants. Since becoming generally available, Domo AutoML, powered by Amazon SageMaker Autopilot, is helping Freddy’s deploy machine learning models to predict staffing fluctuations and save money. With Domo AutoML, this process of applying data models which would have previously taken months to deploy, took only a couple of weeks and supported datasets that were five times what they could have worked with before.

“The integration between Domo and Amazon SageMaker lowers the barrier of entry for ML, so customers can quickly explore a variety of predictive opportunities on their growing data sets, faster than ever before,” said Wong.

In related news, Domo has achieved the AWS Machine Learning Competency designation in the Applied AI category, which was announced earlier this month. This recognition identifies and validates AWS Partners in the AWS Partner Network (APN) that create value on top of AWS services to solve specific customer needs. The Applied AI category, in which Domo was named, benefits customers who seek domain-specific turnkey AI/ML solutions.

For more information, visit the AWS Machine Learning Competency blog, here.

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