/ Talking TrustRadius awards with Domo’s VP of customer success

Few things are as helpful to a business as customer reviews. After all, if you know what your customers think about you or your product, you can more easily move in a direction that meets your target market’s wants and needs. 
Domo has a pretty good idea as to what its customers think about its platform thanks—in part, at least—to TrustRadius, an organization that compiles reviews of software solutions so that business leaders can make more informed technology purchasing decisions. 
But that’s not all TrustRadius does. It also doles out reviews-based awards every May. And in 2022, those awards came early and often for Domo, which won across three key categories: Business Intelligence, Embedded Business Intelligence, and Data Discovery & Visualization. 
How did Domo’s vice president of customer success, Robert Davy, take the news? I cornered him and found out. 
Q: I guess the obvious first question is: What’s your initial reaction to Domo winning so many awards of this nature? 
A: Well, it’s more validation of the platform and how our customers are engaging with it. The awards are based on feedback from customers and the value that they’re deriving from using our platform, whether it be for business intelligence or interacting with their data.

But probably the biggest thing we do is drive insights by making our customers’ data actionable. To me, that’s unlike a lot of other BI tools that I’ve seen. With Domo, you’re able to integrate, normalize, and rationalize thousands of different data sources—and then make intelligence out of that to drive smart actions that propel their business decisions.

Q: Domo has really put a lot of time and energy and focus into its embedded BI capabilities. What does being recognized for that say to you?

A: One of the big trends we are seeing from our customers is that they’re changing the way in which they interact with their customers by leveraging Domo’s embedded technology (Domo Everywhere). It allows them to take their customer relationships to a new level, and it creates a greater degree of urgency and accountability for us to get that right for them. In many cases, our customers are creating new opportunities to engage their customers.

For example, one of our large, global gaming partners is using embedded analytics to connect and interact with thousands of partners. This is key for three reasons. First, the embedded experience allows them to inject their brand into the platform so that it is an extension of their company. Second, it allows them to scale to a large partner community—and tens of thousands of customers beyond that. And finally, they were able to deliver the solution without a significant amount of resources, meaning a team of just 3-4 full-timers were able to bring the solution to life and manage it going forward. That is pretty awesome when you consider the scale at which they operate.

Q: Data discovery and visualization are more traditional, par-for-the-course ways that companies leverage data. But winning on that front has got to feel good, too.

A: What it really means is our customers are winning and getting value from our platform. It almost doesn’t matter where the data exists, whether it’s in an online system or a data center on your desktop—or buried in a place that makes it “dark data.” The fact that we can bring that data to life and integrate across multiple sources so that customers can interact with it is really the key.

We have long-term customer relationships, and a lot of the initial deployments happen within days or weeks, not months or years. As they see the value of the initial use case, ideation usually grows with our consulting teams, who are focused on time to value and then expanding the areas that Domo can drive value for them.

We have one retail customer that had a series of checklists for its store manager to review and update. The challenge was they had to go into different systems to find the answers and results, then toggle back to the checklist. What’s more, aggregating those checklists was time consuming, and then out of date by the time they were completed.

By bringing the data from those systems into Domo, they were able to create a data app that provided quick access to their data and near real-time answers to those checklist items. This enabled them to get more visibility to their results and understand variance to their KPIs, right from their mobile device.

Now, they can engage directly with their customers and employees and drive a different outcome for them. Having better access and visibility to their data has really impacted the performance of their business in a positive way. 

Q: When you have conversations with customers, or you see these types of awards come Domo’s way, how does that play into how you plan, and how you go about setting goals?

A: We’re always trying to learn from and integrate feedback. I think one of the great things about Domo is that our customers are so fanatical about the platform. So, the awards are validation of the value that they’re getting from it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be submitting nominations and reviews.

For example, one of our customers was just sharing how they are using Domo Everywhere to integrate acquisitions. Think about it: You have two separate companies that are coming together and will need to integrate systems, data, and people. Domo Everywhere allows them to accelerate the time between acquiring a new business and the time to meet their workforce. They bring the data into the Domo platform, combine it, and then actually start to communicate with the workforce. The speed and agility organizations are gaining by leveraging our platform is pretty remarkable.  

Internally, teams across the company are all focused on our customers and helping them extract as much value as they can from Domo. In terms of goals internally, it is not about winning awards; it’s about setting goals and priorities around time to value for our customers and then helping them with adoption. We look at the customer journey and moments of truth that help maximize value and impact for their business.

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