Develop data apps that power any action.

With Domo, apps equal action. Use Domo’s powerful infrastructure and development tools to build fully customized solutions that suit any business need—at no additional cost.

The Domo App Framework provides the foundation to build data apps - without technical overhead.

Cloud platform speed and simplicity.
Focus on the solution, not the overhead. There's no need to buy hardware, set up servers, or worry about scaling.
Fully integrated with Domo.
Data apps inherit all capabilities of the Domo platform, including user management, cross-device distribution, security, and governance.
Developer-friendly tools.
A familiar development environment means engineers can focus on building tailored solutions using core web technologies and their favorite libraries.

What’s under the hood?

These tools power all Data Apps in Domo. The Domo App Framework grants direct access to those tools, unlocking unlimited potential to build your own custom solution.



Work in a developer friendly environment that provides maximum flexibility using standard software development tools.

  • Domo App CLI. Connect directly to your Domo instance to create, edit, and publish apps.
  • App Manifest. Start with a pre-built config file that provides the structure for your app.
  • Integrations. Work in common IDE’s, like VS Code, and use popular JavaScript libraries.
App DB

App DB

Persistent local storage ensures your app functions consistently.

  • A flexible, on-demand database dedicated to each instance of your app.
  • Easily push data in App DB back to any Data warehouse in structured format.
  • Automatic cloud scaling performance—just like the rest of Domo.
App Admin Tools

App Admin Tools

Easily manage all of your apps from inside the Domo UI.

  • App Library. View an manage all of your apps from an intuitive home screen.
  • App Designs. Deploy infinite instances of an app design from one source code base.
  • App Instances. Tweak individual deployments of an app design that live in cards and stories.
  • Wiring Screen. A easy drag & drop tool for connecting app instances to data sets.
  • Version Control. Develop in teams using an enterprise grade tool native to Domo.
Hosting & Compute

Hosting & Compute

Automatically scaled to your data usage and compute requirements at no additional cost.

  • Serverless cloud infrastructure means your app can scale across an entire enterprise—we handle the stuff you don’t have time to worry about.
  • The files API provides a single place in your instance to manage, secure, share, and govern any file or media type that your app handles.
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Leverage Domo’s in-house experts for provide tips, custom tooling, and best practices.

  • Access advanced development kits used by our in-house Engineering Services team.
  • Purchase consulting hours to work through everything from bug fixes, to app architecture, and integrations with the core Domo platform.

Supercharge app development.

Make the App Development Framework even more powerful with these Domo features.

Security and Governance
The security and governance features already inside the Domo platform make developing data apps even more turnkey.
Domo Stories
Connect apps, visualizations, images, text, and other media together into a unified solution on a simple drag & drop canvas.
Get the data you need to power your app in a few clicks using Domo’s library of over 1,000 pre-built connectors.
Enhance the backend functionality of data apps with Workflows: Domo’s logic building interface
Embedded Analytics
Securely distribute your apps anywhere—internally and externally.
DDX Bricks
Use data apps templates to start creating apps--no coding required.

Getting started:

What you need to know.

The Domo App Framework is best suited for those with basic web development experience. View the documentation below to get started.

Start building now.

Follow the steps below to get started developing:

Register for a Domo Developer account.

Review documentation and complete the video tutorial.

Upload your app and share with your business

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