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The Felton Report, bad apples, and smarter pins.

twitter roundup

The Felton Report. Nicholas Felton is a designer obsessed with data. For the last decade, he’s been publishing the annual Felton Report, combining a year’s worth of data into beautiful visualizations. Each year focuses on a different aspect of his life. It’s a creative approach to our connected world. This guy obsessively recorded his private data for …

An Insider’s Guide to Dreamforce 2014 – Tips and Tricks to Having an Epic Show


Dreamforce is one of the biggest events of the year and it can be downright scary. But don’t worry. With a few simple tips and tricks you’ll be a Dreamforce pro in no time. Here’s your insider’s guide to pure #DF14 domination. 1. Be engaged in social media Use hashtags! In today’s social media world, …

15 Influencers to Follow Leading Up to Dreamforce

who to follow dreamforce 2014 DF14

Dreamforce starts in just three days! With 150,000+ people from around the world descending on San Francisco for one event, things are bound to get crazy — including your social feeds. Whether you’re attending or not, your feeds are likely to be inundated by #DF14 tweets on a myriad of topics. You can count on …

Top CEOs Are Still in the Dark on Social Media

social ceo report domo

Long gone are the days when CEOs could hide behind their office doors. Employees and customers are beginning to expect the chief executive to lead the way when it comes to brand awareness and visibility. When CEOs are active on social media it sends a clear message to their employees that they are committed to …

CEOs: It’s Time to Get Off the Social Media Sidelines


This is the third consecutive year that Domo and have conducted a study of the social media habits of Fortune 500 CEOs. The results are in — and I can report that there’s good news and bad news. First the bad news. This year’s “Social CEO Report” found that the vast majority of the …

What You’re Missing from Paid Social Media

paid social media

Here’s the good news: There is real value behind buying into a paid social media strategy. Click-through rates, conversions and other metrics are easier to measure, meaning you know exactly what you’re getting out of your investment. According to, paid ads and sponsored content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social platforms are an …

Data Never Sleeps 2.0


Sixty seconds seems like an insignificant amount of time, but when you look at it in terms of how much data is created, there’s a whole lot going on. Almost two years ago, we created an infographic to highlight just how much digital data was generated every minute. The numbers were staggering. Recently, we decided …

Twitter Round-Up, April 11 – 18

twitter roundup

This week’s Twitter Round-Up showcases new ways to think about data. I didn’t go looking for tweets in that vein. They arose organically, and I saw the correlation. Perhaps I picked them because of my subconscious focus on these topics this week, or maybe it’s simply the thread that happens to run between them. But …

Twitter Round-Up: Mar 6 – 13

twitter roundup

Retailers, big data, smart pills and sharing your secrets with interns—everything you need to know is in this week’s Twitter round-up: Focused on Big Data? You’re looking the wrong way. Why data visualization is the future — Forbes (@Forbes) March 11, 2014   According to Forbes, big data isn’t the future—data visualization is. But …

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