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The Felton Report.

Nicholas Felton is a designer obsessed with data. For the last decade, he’s been publishing the annual Felton Report, combining a year’s worth of data into beautiful visualizations. Each year focuses on a different aspect of his life. It’s a creative approach to our connected world.


Apple removes apps that collect users private data.

As if we didn’t have enough privacy concerns, Apple announced this week that it’s removing 256 apps from the App Store for violating its security guidelines. Apparently these apps were collecting email addresses, phone numbers, and other personal information. Unlike Sony’s breach a year ago, this one doesn’t come with a free movie.


Pinterest adds location data to pins for retailers.

New this week, location info will be automatically added to your pins. Now everyone can know exactly where your #PinterestFail took place. Ideally, location info will help pinners plan trips (like these) and discover local artisans. It’s available this week on iPhone and iPad and in the near future on desktop and Android.

The IoT is making it easier and easier to visualize all the data we create on a daily basis. But Nicholas Felton isn’t the only one gaining valuable insights from all that information.

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