Collaboration meets context.

Domo’s fully integrated productivity suite breaks silos and enables seamless collaboration.

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Collaborate with data and people.

Teams and individuals can share real-time data, include various types of attachments, create team-centric conversations, and assign tasks that need to be completed.

Freely share with everyone.

It’s easy to add coworkers to collaborate on real-time data. With profiles and org charts, you can see where people fit in, connect, and learn how they contribute to the organization.

Stay current with notifications.

Get the latest updates on your mobile, tablet, and desktop with real-time alerts about the topics and data driving your business.

Start a conversation.

Chat has been natively built into the Domo platform to ensure that you can easily collaborate on the real-time data Domo provides.

“The best way to generate collaboration and teamwork among our sales teams is through Buzz. While they are on the sales floor we can keep a pulse of the business and continue to motivate and help each other."

Director of Sales

Get to know your colleagues.

Domo’s built-in org chart provides a visual of your company’s reporting structure. With just a click, see a full profile of your colleagues, including location, groups they belong to, activity, social networks, and more.

Keep projects on track.

Create action items for your team with Projects and Tasks. When creating a task, you decide the project it is assigned to as well as what team members own and contribute to its completion.

“Domo shifted our reporting from a highly-siloed structure to one built upon interdepartmental collaboration and trust.”

Associate Director, Revenue Analytics, Nicholas Hughes

Data delivered to your inbox.

Using Domo's Report Scheduler, schedule reports to be sent to individuals or groups at specified intervals. Simply schedule a card or page to be emailed at a specific time, and your colleagues will receive an email with an overview of the data at that time, and the ability to view the data in Domo.

“Internally, our employees are continually sharing information, referencing trends, and data to make decisions. Now, teams across the organization are speaking the same language and moving faster.”

Director of Business Intelligence and Sales Operations

Streamline business processes.

Certified Content identifies trusted sources of data so everyone in your company can be on the same page. And because it’s adaptable to your unique approval needs, you can customize the certification process to all the teams in your organization.

"Domo saves us from doubt. We don’t have to question where the data is coming from and if it is accurate. We’ve taken the manual processes out of it, and now we can focus on results."

Sr. Director, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

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