Getting Started for
Data Creators and Analysts

Start creating reports and visualizations in Domo for your teams and colleagues.

Get startedGetting Started for Data Creators and Analysts

Learning the basics.

Get a quick tour of Domo, start learning Domo terminology, and get your profile set up.

Connecting and using data in Domo.

Learn how to quickly connect data to Domo and make it available for analysis.

Popular connectors to get you started.

These are just a few of the 1,000+ cloud connectors you can find in Domo's Appstore.

Creating content in Domo.

Start here to learn how to create, view, analyze and interact with data in Domo.

Understanding and creating Domo Cards.

Use Domo Cards to start creating individual charts, then easily use cards as building blocks for creating dashboards quickly.

Understanding and creating dashboards.

Dashboards within Domo are made up of cards that you can edit, arrange, and modify as you choose. Simply drag and drop to achieve your preferred layout, and quickly filter and drill down for instant insights.

Sharing and collaboration.

Share, annotate, and have conversations with your colleagues about the insights you're seeing—all without ever leaving Domo.

Explore another learning path based on your role with data.

Data Consumers

For users that primarily consume reports created by others via self-service BI.

Data Engineers

For users focused on integrating, building and governing data assets.

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