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Celebrating our customers who go above and beyond to share their expertise, create stunning applications, and multiply their impact using data.

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Professional recognition that can rock your resumé.

Domo Ovations features three award programs that recognize customers for their outstanding data skills, extraordinary innovation, and superior contributions to the Domo community.
Community Ovation Awards
Community Ovation Awards
Domo Innovators Rewards
Domo Innovators Rewards
Community Forum Rewards
Community Forum Rewards

Community Ovation Awards

The annual Community Ovation Awards celebrate innovative and impactful ways that Domo community members are using Domo. We recognize customers throughout their Domo journey as they solve business challenges, produce significant business impact, grow adoption, and contribute to the community.
Domo’s 2024 Community Ovation Award Winners

Domo Pioneer

Allan Bell
Bradley Company
Why they won ›

Data Democratizer

Laura Ziupsnyte
All Response Media
Why they won ›

Rookie of the Year

Tim Megginson
Visit Orlando
Why they won ›

Most Innovative Business App

Scott Schultz
Kansas Sentencing Commission
Why they won ›

AI Visionary

Cory Linton
Mojo AI
Why they won ›

Secure Data Steward

Patrick Buckner
The Walt Disney Company
Why they won ›

Community Member of the Year

Colemen Wilson
Henry Schein One
Why they won ›

Domo Educator of the Year

John Le
Dashboard Dudes
Why they won ›

Positive Impact

Luke Mielke
Code-4 Counseling
Why they won ›

Overall Excellence

Anson Mai
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia
Why they won ›

Executive of the Year

Dr. Reginald Coopwood
Regional One Health
Why they won ›

Most Powerful Business Impact

Branden Jenkins
Why they won ›
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Domo Innovators Rewards

Domo Innovators is an invitation-only advocacy program that engages high-contributing Domo enthusiasts in sharing their knowledge and skills with a wide audience, and evolving the Domo platform.

Domo Innovators become thought leaders in the Domo Community, with many opportunities to showcase their organization’s data growth as well as their own accomplishments.

If you're interested in learning more about Domo Innovators, please email us at

“I thought, ‘Well, they want me to help everybody with Domo implementation, so I must know what I’m doing a little bit.’ And once I started seeing questions, I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I just did that. So, I can answer that.’ I started doing a little bit more and a little bit more, and it grew from there—and I got competitive with the gamification aspect.”

Mark Snodgrass

Director, Member Data Strategy

Community Forum Rewards

This program rewards the Domo experts who are the most active in answering questions in the forum, with consistently high ratings.

“I love Domo’s community because if I don’t have the answer to something, I know that somebody else does. I can go straight to the forum and search and most of the time my questions have already been answered.”

Michelle Hamad

Business Analyst

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