Empower your teams with self-service BI.

Give people access to self-service BI & analytics to make confident decisions, while maintaining data governance.

Provide self-service analytics.

Make data accessible to everyone.
Empower your people with access to self-service BI & analytics, incorporating data into every business process.
Bring transparency to your data.
Build a single source of truth around your data, getting your teams on the same page.
Drive faster action.
With real-time access to data, manage by exception and leverage insights to make confident decisions with impact.

Domo Tops Dresner’s List of Self-Service BI Vendors

To learn more about what makes Domo a top self-service BI vendor, download the 2022 edition of Dresner’s Self-Service BI Market Study.

End the BI breadline.

Increase productivity. Provide self-service analytics and automated reporting to business users, allowing them to answer their own questions and freeing up IT teams for more strategic initiatives.

Maintain IT visibility. Provide users with governed access to data for ad hoc analysis, with personalized data permissions.

Providing access to data has empowered everyone across the organization. I can layer on visualizations and then share it across the organization to provide everyone with real-time data that they don’t have to ask me for on a weekly or daily basis.

Dominic Blosil | CFO (Traeger)

Build a single source of truth.

Dynamically integrate data. Bring in data from Sales, Marketing, Finance and more, and make it accessible and actionable from anywhere.

Enable a truly connected business. Equip everyone with the data insights they need to collaborate, make confident decisions, and streamline business processes.

It’s been really exciting for me to see store leaders get excited about data...It’s so accessible now and they’ve seen the possibilities of what we can do. We can do things now that we were never able to do before—period.

Christine Hsieh | Senior BI Analyst

Power any action with data.

Manage by exception. Know immediately when an issue needs your attention with automated alerts.

Collaborate inside or outside your organization. Share real-time insights across teams and deliver value to your customers and partners with embedded analytics.

Domo has allowed us to unleash more data transparency across the organization through its ability to visually communicate complex data in easy to understand graphics. We now have the ability to distribute these KPIs across multiple platforms.

Brendan Hart | Senior Vice President, Consumer Analytics & Insights

Amplify the utilization of data while maintaining security and governance.


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