/ The new Magic ETL: Faster, smarter, and easier ETL for all

Consolidating data from different platforms can be difficult to accomplish when you’re dealing with lots of distinct input sources with varying schemas.

Enter Domo’s Magic ETL, which makes it simple to combine, transform, and edit data, whether you’re a technical whiz or not.

While Domo supports MySQL and Redshift tooling to transform your data, Magic ETL’s drag-and-drop tools make it simple to visually define and sequence operations that transform your data.

Changing your datasets’ schema, transforming data values, filtering rows, and joining datasets are just a few of the actions you can configure within Magic ETL.

The power of new Magic

Over the years, Domo has continued to enhance Magic ETL based on its customers’ feedback. This latest version of Magic ETL includes a massive package of improvements to make this tool more powerful than ever.

Increased processing power, a new level of user-friendliness, and a brand new set of transformation operations are just a few of the things you may notice first when you start to explore this new engine.

With an easy-to-use graphical interface you’ve already come to know and love, you can now write SQL-style syntax with a new formula system including more than 200 supported functions.

The result is a product that will scale with your business, exponentially increase the transformation options available to you, and pave the way for future feature improvements down the road.

Here’s a closer look at what the new Magic ETL offers:

  • Faster performance. The new engine can transform data roughly two to four times faster than before. Magic ETL now processes new data with Append Processing, avoiding reprocessing of data that isn’t needed for your DataFlow definition.
  • More intuitive. Magic ETL’s drag-and-drop interface is even easier for business users to manage, with straightforward navigation and visual cues. Quickly search by function name for the ETL actions you need and then drop them onto canvas to get started. Easily follow complex dataflows using curved lines and customizable color coding by data source. You can even write notes on tiles to quickly explain complex transformations in your DataFlows.
  • Simplified troubleshooting. Domo has made it easier to troubleshoot and maintain datasets with better error messaging, null handling, and data type classification. Global transform settings allow you to create timezone-aware, localized, and custom date-formatted DataFlows. You can also save time resolving duplicates by preventing duplicate column names on joined tables in your workflow.

The new Magic ETL is broadly compatible with the legacy Magic ETL; almost all of your existing DataFlows can be seamlessly transferred over without any issue.

Still, you’d be well served to review Domo’s help article on upgrading to the new Magic ETL, as there are some small but significant behavioral changes one should be aware of before migrating production DataFlows.

Start using the new Magic ETL today by clicking “Try the new Magic ETL” in the upper right corner of the Magic ETL edit screen.

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