/ Digital Markets Are Ecosystems

Digital Markets Are Ecosystems

Part 2 of 5: To Get Digital Strategy Right, Start Here

Digital transformation is happening at a rapidly increasing pace, and companies are working hard to evolve in order to remain competitive.

Recently, Mumford Sole Partners, a New York-based firm that specializes in digital transformation, investigated the interrelated barriers to enterprise transformation and detailed how a partnership-driven innovation strategy can start to “shake loose” seemingly intractable obstacles.

In this whitepaper—the second of five whitepapers to come from the study—Mumford Sole explains how/why:

  • Digital markets are characterized by dense, increasingly fast connections; and as a result, value no longer travels in linear, open-ended supply chains, but in loops, where value can be generated and consumed by any market entity, including end customers.
  • The majority of net new value in digital markets is created in the space in between market entities, as a result of their interactions.
  • Companies with ecosystem strategies are vastly better positioned to efficiently and effectively create and capture value in this environment.

Download the whitepaper to learn how to lead digital transformation by understanding digital ecosystems.

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