/ Domo’s Customer Satisfaction, At A Glance

Domo’s Customer Satisfaction, At A Glance

Domo is the cloud-based data platform that provides you with a richer relationship between people, data, and systems to complete your data strategy and create, for the first time, a truly digitally-connected, mobile-based business.

With all of your systems linked, all of your data merged, and everything connected to all of your people, you achieve tremendous speed to value.

Indeed, Domo:

  • Maximizes existing investments
  • Rapid deployment through app solutions
  • Start up in days, not months
  • Built for thousands of users
  • Scales up to billions of rows of data
  • Seamless integration to any data source
  • Governed and certified content delivery
  • Best in class multi-layer security

But don’t take our word for it. Check out what customer-satisfaction research by the industry’s top analysts shows.

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