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“Big data” is the next big opportunity for businesses. The insights provided by big data—which is a combination of structured, semistructured, and unstructured data—allow business teams to solve complex problems, improve customer experience, and identify opportunities to increase sales and accelerate business growth.

However, big data is not without its challenges. The sheer volume of data generated every day is astonishing—and there’s no sign of a change in trajectory. In fact, according to Statista, the amount of data created annually is likely to more than double between now and 2025.

With data becoming increasingly bigger with each passing day, the more businesses have to process data for more people, which can be an overwhelming task for any business team, large or small.

As data needs continue to grow, businesses must invest in both the technology and people in order to plug into, process, and act on data without sacrificing security or accessibility. That’s where the Domo Enterprise Toolkit comes in.

The 4 major data challenges organizations face

Over the years, Domo has found that most organizations face up to four major data challenges:

  • Innovating without disrupting processes. Innovation is key to improving processes and increasing efficiency. But it’s difficult for developers to do this without disrupting day-to-day operations. Developers are also typically unable to view changes until they’re pushed live, which further disrupts processes and slows down productivity.
  • Maintaining high-quality, error-free data. Many business teams do not have a clear understanding of who is responsible for maintaining data quality. And should duplicate data or errors be found, many do not know where to report quality issues.
  • Managing permissions, access, and governance at scale. As organizations become increasingly data-driven, the amount of users accessing business data continues to grow, increasing the need for—and importance of—managing access to specific datasets to ensure sensitive, private, or confidential information stays protected.
  • Maintaining consistent branding from end to end. The larger and more complex a business becomes, the more difficult it is to maintain consistency around company branding. Various teams may have different understandings or uses of branding guidelines. This can result in brand confusion among customers, which negatively affects the customer experience.

Businesses must move beyond these challenges in order to maintain a positive, seamless customer experience and to build a strong data strategy that enables meaningful business growth, year over year.

The Domo Enterprise Toolkit features all the tools and applications needed to maintain consistency, control, and security of data, allowing teams to do more with data than ever before.

Meet the Domo Enterprise Toolkit

Domo’s Enterprise Toolkit is essentially a robust, scalable platform that allows businesses to grow confidently through tools designed to meet specific company goals. Inside the toolkit are three distinct and powerful solutions:

  • Sandbox. Here, analysts and developers can build and test business applications and workflows in a separate environment. This allows them to build and test without disrupting end-user experience or causing costly downtime. And it’s easy to revert back to original versions if something goes wrong during production. Only when processes or applications are completely ready are they pushed live.
  • Governance Toolkit. The Governance Toolkit is designed to maintain data security, integrity, and management. Users can easily change data permissions—down to individual users—update permission policies, manage external data storage, and more. And with automated security protocols and processes, data governance is easier than ever.
  • Brand Kit. No matter how much teams grow, the Brand Kit ensures content stays consistent across teams. From using correct logos and colors to maintaining company messaging and values, Brand Kit ensures a consistent experience on both internal and external applications.

Whether your organization is a small start-up or a large enterprises—or something in between—the Domo Enterprise Toolkit can help. With it, the challenges surrounding data governance, security, integrity, and consistency get wiped away. What’s left? Nothing but opportunity.

Ready, set … grow

Big data is on the rise. With almost 100 zettabytes expected to be generated this year, businesses must have the technology ready to manage increasingly large and complex datasets. 

The Domo Enterprise Toolkit is the powerful, scalable, and intelligent platform business teams need to move forward with confidence. From transforming complex data into powerful visualizations to building scalable governing and security processes that grow with your organization, the Domo Enterprise Toolkit makes it possible.

Check out Domo’s Knowledge Base article on the Domo Enterprise Toolkit, or contact your Domo Account Executive, to learn more.

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