/ How Integration Studio makes creating data pipelines easy

The more data sources you connect—and the more business users you share that data with—the more everyone can make informed decisions that take your entire business into account.

Domo provides the visibility you need to break down data silos between disparate sources. But what if you need to do more? What if you need to create data pipelines to combine different data sources in new ways, apply sophisticated transformations, and then send that transformed data to other systems?

Domo can help with all of that, too—thanks to a feature that was announced as part of our March 2021 product release: Integration Studio.

With Integration Studio, you can easily link disparate data sources that would usually be impossible to connect for bi-directional data exchange between systems. 

Before Integration Studio, it would have required a lot of time and resources to create an integration between two data systems that aren’t usually compatible, preventing your business users from easily extracting the full value of all your data. But now, you can create a dataset, transform it, and send it to another system all from within Domo.

One example of how Integration Studio provides value is with Domo customer Alchemer. Previously known as SurveyGizmo, this enterprise feedback platform provider wanted to replace its existing Jitterbit system, which updated data from Salesforce to its application database (MYSQL) and from its application (MYSQL) back to Salesforce for its centers of operations in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Since each data center is in a different time zone, Alchemer uses Integration Studio to handle time conversions between systems before updating the data.

The two-way sync happens at 15-minute intervals so that the latest information flows between systems. In addition, Domo can provide an alert if a dataflow or a data update to Salesforce fails.

Using a drag-and-drop interface in Magic ETL, Integration Studio gives you the ability to configure and load data from any source you can think of, including cloud providers, SaaS solutions, on-premise data stores, proprietary systems, or any combination.

Build your pipeline and configure your writeback connectors all from a single screen, visualizing data flows and defining operations as you go.

With Integration Studio, you can even send data from Domo back to other systems that your business users depend on such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Storage, Box, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage. You can also build your own writeback connectors to send data wherever you need for it to be.

What’s more, you can use Integration Studio to combine data sources and then add data science actions. By acting as the central hub where your data is combined and cleansed, Domo lets you extract more insights from the data before sharing it back to your other systems.

This ensures that there are no discrepancies between systems while enabling users to incorporate the data source into their current workflow without any effort or disruption.

Integration Studio is a premium feature that is part of Domo’s Integration Cloud. We designed the Integration Cloud to help organizations address all the challenges of integration, access, governance, and logistics.

By helping you automate the process of connecting, combining, transforming, querying, and orchestrating your data, the Integration Cloud is crucial to connecting all your business systems for a single view of your entire organization.

To learn more about Integration Studio, click here. To watch a demo on how Domo’s Integration Cloud helps you address the challenges of integration, access, governance, and logistics, go here.

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