/ Empowering Your Data Science: Introducing Domo’s Amazon Bedrock ML Connector

Integrating AI and machine learning (ML) into daily operations isn’t just a trend; it’s a necessary shift towards a more data-driven future. We understand this need and are excited to announce a significant enhancement to our platform: introducing the Amazon Bedrock ML Connector.  

The Amazon Bedrock ML Connector: What it is and why it matters

The Amazon Bedrock ML Connector is a pioneering addition to Domo’s AI Model Management platform. This tool allows for a direct and seamless connection to your Amazon Bedrock models right within your Domo environment. What’s most exciting is that you can create your own large language model (LLM), like Anthropic’s Claude model, and gain access to existing models like Meta AI’s Llama 2.  

With this connector, you can harness the power of AI to multiply your business impact. Data scientists can benefit from Amazon Bedrock’s authoring and versioning but unlock portability to translate their models into tangible business value.  

Here’s what this means for your organization: Now, your data in Domo works harmoniously with Amazon Bedrock, and you get access to all of Amazon Bedrock’s capabilities—including building and managing models in the secure Domo environment you already know and love. In other words, you are bringing the model to your data—rather than taking the risk of putting your data into the model.

This means the sophisticated AI models that your data scientists are building, training, and managing with care in Amazon Bedrock’s closed environment, can now be directly applied to your operational data in Domo. Now, you know exactly where your data is and how the model is being trained—while ensuring optimal security and peace of mind. The end result is that your complex algorithms become actionable business insights—and more accuracy, transparency, and security. 

With this connector you’ll be able to directly apply AI models to improve customer service or better forecast market trends—no multi-step process needed. It will also make your operations more efficient by applying predictive maintenance models to your workflows.

For example, think about everything your channel owners could do when they can monitor their own analytics and make decisions without having to get on your analysts’ calendars. These practical applications of the Amazon Bedrock ML Connector can lead to substantial improvements in how your business operates. 

Bridging the gap: Data science and business decisions 

AI’s real value comes from its day-to-day applications in your business. The Amazon Bedrock ML Connector does exactly that—bridging the gap between intricate data models and daily business decision-making. It allows data scientists to make their models (developed in Amazon Bedrock) available for integration in Domo, so that their work can directly influence business strategies.

The best part? Configuring a model in Domo can be done leveraging Domo’s tried-and-true graphical user interface (GUI). This capability strengthens the collaboration and connectivity between the data scientists, data analysts, and key decision-makers like never before. 

A deeper dive into the connector’s value 

Our aim with this connector is to make AI and ML more accessible and practical for businesses of all sizes. The Amazon Bedrock ML Connector accomplishes this by: 

Bridging the gap between data experts and the business  

Data scientists, who often work in the background, can now have their models play a central role in business strategies, thanks to their integration into Domo. Plus, strengthening the connection between data scientists and key decision-makers—in marketing, finance, operations, and more—makes teamwork smoother and strengthens the business overall.  

Simplifying model deployment 

Integrating AI models into business processes is traditionally complex and resource-intensive. The Amazon Bedrock ML Connector simplifies this process. Your teams can focus more on innovation and less on the technical nuances of model deployment.  

Ensuring data governance and security

With this integration, the security and governance protocols you rely on in Domo can now extend to your Amazon Bedrock models. This makes sure that your sensitive business data is managed securely and in compliance with regulatory standards. Your team will gain streamlined control of your Amazon Bedrock models right within the platform you already work inside every day.  

Turning your Amazon Bedrock models into your greatest asset

Bringing your models into the Domo ecosystem makes them accessible to anyone in your organization—and makes them ready to wire up in apps and solutions that power your business. In most stacks, you would have to build your model in Amazon Bedrock, store it in an ML flow, and push it to an endpoint, to then by used by an external app. But Domo’s all-in-one solution—dashboards, alerts, workflows, and more—allows you to close the loop in just a few clicks and surface insights much faster.

Take the leap: Join the latest beta release 

We’re inviting you to be among the first to explore the benefits of this integration. Join the beta release of the Amazon Bedrock ML Connector by emailing ai@domo.com, and keep up with Domo.AI’s beta releases here. Find out how integrating your Amazon Bedrock models in Domo can help your teams multiply their business impact within a secure and well-governed environment. 

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