/ How Domo simplifies multi-cloud computing

As businesses across industries continue to innovate, the adoption of a multi-cloud strategy is gaining in popularity. According to one recent report, 92% of organizations currently use a multi-cloud strategy and 80% use a hybrid cloud strategy.

This move to the cloud is part of businesses’ efforts to reduce the cost and complexity around their infrastructure while increasing flexibility, consistency, and security.

However, it’s not always easy to make good on those attempts. Most organizations within today’s enterprises have their own data systems and processes that work for—and sometimes are only accessible to—them, which means it can take a while for companies to integrate cloud environments in a way that can unleash their workforce’s potential.

Powerful solutions exist, though. And Domo—whose multi-cloud capabilities are nothing short of robust—is among the best of them.

Meet Domo’s multi-cloud capabilities

No matter how many cloud platforms or databases you use, Domo’s multi-cloud capabilities enable you to connect to them all.

From AWS and Redshift to Snowflake and Microsoft SQL, Domo’s pre-built and custom connectors allow you to access and integrate all cloud data with ease, give you total freedom to create a cloud architecture that benefits your team and meets your specific needs.

Domo also provides total freedom to determine which data you want to bring into your environment. Its federated queries ensure no data is duplicated, so datasets are accurate and error-free.

And by going a step further with Domo’s native integration with cloud warehouses, you’ll have even more flexibility with data storage, caching, analytics, querying, transformations, and more.

With all cloud data available on a single platform, users from across the enterprise have access to valuable business data and insights.

That means your data apps can run on Snowflake right alongside data stored in Domo—and even alongside your Databricks lakehouse—in one seamless experience. No moving or copying data—ever. You get all of this agility with none of the expected trade-offs in performance.

And thanks to Domo’s Data Governance Toolkit, you can maintain data health and accuracy, no matter where it goes. 


Here’s a more detailed look at the primary ways Domo’s multi-cloud capabilities can benefit your business:

1 – Integrate more data, faster

Whether you have a few cloud data warehouses or dozens, Domo connects to each one with ease, ensuring you don’t miss a single insight (see video, directly above). With more than 1,000 pre-built connectors and the option to create custom connectors, Domo makes it easy to access even the most disparate data sources.

Plus, with the ability to get sub-second response times on data queries—no matter how large—you’ll have access to critical business insights in seconds.

2 – Enjoy enhanced data governance

Domo’s powerful data governance tools enable you to create dynamic data attributes to ensure users have access to data based on their individual roles and responsibilities.

Additional data governance features such as trusted attributes, certified content, DomoStats, custom user roles, single sign-on, and multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensure data stays secure yet accessible.

3 – Empower employees with data

With businesses becoming increasingly data-driven, it’s crucial that all business users—regardless of their technical skill—have access to data.

By centralizing all cloud data on Domo, information is readily available for employees, customers, and partners in formats such as interactive data visualizations, data apps, data stories, personalized charts, and more.

Users can also easily build data dashboards, reports, or applications and share these insights with users both inside and outside of your company using Domo Everywhere’s embedded analytics.

Harness the power of cloud

Cloud computing is growing—fast. Gartner predicts that by the end of 2025, 85% of businesses will be “cloud first,” and 95% of digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms.

Businesses looking to overcome the challenges and limitations of a multi-cloud approach need Domo, a platform that enables you to connect to even the most complex or disparate cloud data warehouses.

Once this information is centralized within Domo, users can easily access, analyze, and report on data and share insights across teams.

And with Domo’s Governance Toolkit, data stays clean and accurate as it travels across teams, and sensitive or private data remains secure thanks to easily customize data permissions.

Learn more about how you can put all cloud data within easy reach of business users without sacrificing any level of system performance.

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