/ How DDX Bricks pave the way to a better data experience

The next generation of data-driven businesses will be using customized, flexible data apps layered on top of their data to deliver unique insights that spur action. In fact, some of today’s smartest and most sophisticated companies already are.

The good news for organizations that still struggle to truly capitalize on their data is that, with full-service, end-to-end BI solutions such as Domo, it’s easier than ever to get in on the modern data experience.

You don’t have to rip your existing systems out and start over; you just need to be willing to build off those systems, with features and apps designed to unlock doors to new insights and actionable intelligence.

Data apps—including low- and no-code apps capable of bridging the gap between raw data and data-driven decisions—have long been available through the Domo platform. But now, thanks to DDX Bricks, it’s even easier for users to create advanced visualizations and customized applications.

What are DDX Bricks?

DDX Bricks are new data app templates that allow professionals with little technical expertise to create low-code applications without having to start from scratch.

Some of the other key benefits of DDX Bricks, which were created to help Domo users expand and extend the capabilities of the platform, include:

1 – Pre-built templates

There are flexible and customizable templates built by Domo and the Domo Community that make it as easy as one click to add the app and connect it to the right data. And functionally, some apps require you to do nothing more than tweak the user interface (UI). 

From the mini Appstore browser, DDX Bricks can be placed inside of any dashboard with one drag and drop motion. Once your Brick is in place, it can easily be configured on the fly to meet your particular needs.

Want to embed a Google Maps widget on your website? A pre-built template is available and ready to be connected to your data.

Want to incorporate a visualization library such as D3 or Vega-Lite? There are pre-built templates that do the heavy lifting, allowing your team to simply connect the data and configure it without needing to build charts from scratch. For a quick overview of the pre-built templates, watch this video clip from Domopalooza 2022:


2 – Flexible for beginner and expert users

Citizen developers and expert, front-end coders both benefit from DDX Bricks. While citizen devs can take advantage of templates that cover a wide range of use cases, users with a strong coding background can build full custom applications and data visualizations to meet their team’s precise needs and drive action.

3 – Connected to the Domo ecosystem

The best part about using DDX Bricks is that you’re already in Domo. It’s easy to add your customized application or visualization to any story or card. And because Domo connects to all your data sources, you have all the data you need available for your DDX Bricks within one click. 

Then, when you’ve created the applications that will power your business, you can easily share them with frontline users, who can access them on their mobile devices. Or, embed the app where you need it with Domo Everywhere.

Ready to start building?

Building with DDX Bricks is as simple as finding DDX Bricks in the Domo Appstore, choosing the right brick to add to your Domo Story or dashboard, connecting it to the right dataset, and then configuring it for display. 

If you’re ready to empower your people to leverage their data to transform their processes, look no further than DDX Bricks. This low-code tool will help your team embark on the all-important journey to modern business intelligence. 

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