App development at lightning speed.

Building data apps and advanced visualizations typically presents a challenge. But with DDX Bricks, anyone can create stunning custom data experiences.

Never start from scratch.

DDX Bricks are data app templates that allow you to unleash your creativity no matter your coding experience.

Drag and drop a Brick from our large (and growing) library of pre-built solutions into a Domo story in one-click. Connect your Brick to data and watch a business solution come to life— it’s that easy.
Want to take things to the next level? Use your front-end development skills to configure and customize your Brick into a completely tailored solution that suits a precise business need.

Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros:
DDX Bricks are for everyone.


Never coded before? No problem.
  • Choose from hundreds of templates built for a wide range of data viz and operational use cases.
  • Connect your app template to data in an intuitive user interface.
  • Drag and drop your brick into a Domo story or dashboard.
  • Be the hero: deliver solutions you never thought possible, without relying on IT or Engineering.

Pro developers

Have front-end experience? Get ready to fly.
  • Bricks are fully customizable app instances— the potential is limitless.
  • Choose a starter app template or a blank canvas.
  • Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and import libraries inside the real-time code editor for complete control over your data app.
  • Choose speed and simplicity: deliver solutions, with zero overhead, right where your data lives.

Leverage the DDX Bricks ecosystem.

You’re not alone when it comes to building incredible data apps in record time.

Choose from a vast selection of Bricks built by Domo and the Domo Community.

Render Bricks with any of your favorite open-source charting libraries such as D3, Mapbox, and chart.js.

Submit Bricks to the Appstore for others to use and enjoy.

Choose from four options to answer all your questions:

Integrated with the entire Domo platform.

Connect Bricks to any dataset that already lives in Domo.

Distribute your data app instantly and securely on any device for any Domo user you choose.

Embed Bricks anywhere using Domo Everywhere.

Scale to your data usage and compute requirements automatically at no additional cost.

Start building today.

1. Go to DDX Bricks in the Domo Appstore
2. Choose a Brick and drop it into a dashboard or Domo Story
3. Connect your Brick to data
4. Configure and customize

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