/ Domo’s App Framework: The key to powerful data apps

Business applications have long been considered the backbone of business processes. These solutions power everything from HR systems and inventory control to communication and demand control software. The dozens—if not hundreds or even thousands—of applications that work together in intricate ways are critical components of most organizations.

With the enterprise software market ranking as the fastest-growing segment within the IT industry and spending on enterprise software expected to exceed $670 billion by the end of this year, it’s clear that application development is not slowing down. If anything, it’s speeding up.

Businesses looking to stay ahead of this rapid growth and meet ever-evolving customer needs and expectations must therefore be willing to leverage an application development platform that’s flexible, scalable, and, most importantly, accessible to citizen developers.

The Domo platform possesses all those traits, which is why it’s so easy for all types of users—even less technical ones—to build, test, and deploy fully customized business applications to fit any business need.

Meet the Domo App Framework

Building simple-yet-scalable applications requires the same thing a house does: a foundation. That’s what the Domo App Framework provides. And a strong one, at that.

Indeed, with the Domo App Framework, there’s no need to buy additional hardware or set up new servers, which means you can get right to work without worrying about the technical overhead. And because it possesses such a powerful suite of tools, you can build customized data applications with ease. Here are just a few:

  • App SDK. Domo’s App SDK is where you can build and deploy custom applications. You start with a pre-built config file as the structure for your app and easily grow it into something more. And with Domo’s integrations, you can work in common IDEs such as VS Code, and also with common JavaScript libraries and frameworks like D3, Chart.js, and React.
  • App DB. No matter how many instances of your app you create, Domo provides an on-demand database dedicated to each one. Domo’s App DB is a NoSQL database designed to store arbitrary documents and create Domo DataSets from your applications.
  • App admin tools. Enjoy seamless application management with Domo’s suite of app admin tools, including App Library, App Designs, App Instances, Wiring Screen, Version Control, and more.
  • Hosting and computing. Your apps have to be scalable and agile. With Domo’s server-less cloud infrastructure, apps can easily scale across the entire enterprise. And there’s no need to worry about app management—you can manage, secure, share, and govern all media tied to your apps directly from Domo’s files API.
  • Consulting services. Whether it’s simple bug fixes, integration issues, or finessing app infrastructure, Domo’s consulting services help you work through it all. When you purchase consulting hours, you’ll not only get support from trusted, experienced Domo developers, but you’ll also gain access to Domo’s advanced development kits, which can take your business application to the next level.

Using Domo’s App Framework, you’ll be able to build truly powerful applications that spur action across business teams. And with additional tools such as Domo Stories, Workflows, Domo Everywhere (embedded analytics), DDX Bricks, and data connectors, you can supercharge application development. Check out this overview video to see how it’s done:


How to get started

No matter how large your business grows or how complex your processes get, Domo’s App Framework enables you to build smart, innovative data apps designed to meet specific business needs. And getting started is easy. Simply:

  • Register for an online Domo Developer account;
  • Complete all necessary documentation and view Domo’s on-demand video tutorial; and
  • Build and upload your app and share it with your team.

Contact a Domo representative if you have additional questions or would like more information.

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