/ Best of DP21: Top watches in the ‘Intelligent Action’ track

In the last of our three-part series on the pillars of modern BI and the most resonant Domopalooza 2021 sessions around each ballast, we spotlight Domo CEO Josh James’s favorite pillar—and perhaps the most important: intelligent action.

You see, it’s one thing to gain knowledge from data analytics and business intelligence. It’s another to put those insights to use.

These days, competitive advantage is built by moving beyond dashboards and using intelligent apps, machine learning, and data science to transform data-driven insights into concrete actions.

“Intelligent action is where Domo takes modern BI and supercharges it,” Josh said during his Domopalooza keynote.

That’s because intelligent action is the pillar where the work gets done. To begin to understand it, think of some of the tools or features that Domo offers or enables, such as mobile alerts and custom apps.

Apps are an especially significant component of intelligent action, because they can change workflow and give people back their time—time they can use to focus on projects that are not only interesting and rewarding but much more likely to result in outcomes that positively impact the direction of the company.

During DP21, many Domo customers talked about how intelligent action has changed the way their organizations work. To see the full list of sessions that comprised the intelligent action track, click here. To get the scoop on—or to watch—the most popular sessions on the topic, read on.

1 – The Operational Foundations of Action-Based Dashboards (WATCH)

Taking action from data is the new competitive advantage in today’s modern landscape. But turning raw data into actionable insights quickly and efficiently can be difficult.

Too many companies get caught up in building more and more metrics—then look back at thousands of KPIs with zero benefits to their organization.

In this workshop, Praxis co-founder and CEO Meaghan Connell shares operational tips and tricks to leverage before building new dashboards, and provides recommendations for how to make current dashboards more action-based.

“Taking action from data is the new competitive advantage,” Meaghan said. “If we all have access to the same information, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference.”

2 – Developing a Bias for Action (WATCH)

Being truly data-driven means moving beyond exploratory dashboards to empowering teams to take action based on data.

In this roundtable, data experts at IDCNBC News DigitalRegional One Health and the State of Utah talk about how their organizations are optimizing teams, cultures, and data itself for action.

“At the end of the day, what I see in building data-driven culture is getting management and leadership excited about what’s possible,” said Chandana Gopal, IDC’s research director for business analytics. “That makes it easier to spread around the organization so everyone can begin to use data better.”

3 – The Future of Data Science with Automated Machine Learning (WATCH) 

Solutions are being built rapidly to empower non-data scientists to build predictive models while boosting existing data scientists’ productivity, which means AutoML is quickly becoming a must-have for every organization looking to scale ML capabilities.

This roundtable, featuring IT leaders from ForresterAWSFreddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers and Domo, highlights how enterprises can best leverage AutoML tools no matter where they are in the process.

“We have customers that come to us and say, ‘I have a whole bunch of data and I think ML is important so I’m ready to get started,” said Bob Maus, AWS’ head of WW ML services specialist team. “You don’t just jump right in, but you don’t need 100 ML scientists, either.”

4 – Demystifying Data Science in Domo (WATCH)

Whether you are a data science rookie or seasoned pro, your ability to make Domo data science accessible will empower decision-making at your organization.

In this workshop, Domo’s data science team will ramp up your application of production data science in Domo and share tips for: expediting data preparation; setting up effective data science pipelines and architectures; and building user-specific dashboards to empower a data-driven culture.

“With Domo’s data science and machine learning apps, you can do more with your DSML use cases than you are currently doing,” said Kristie Rowley, Domo’s principal data scientist. “You don’t have to stop with a forecast; you can dive deeper and do a lot more predictive work.”

To learn more about intelligent action and modern BI for all, click here to access the entire library of Domopalooza 2021 sessions on-demand.

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