Demystifying Data Science in Domo

Whether you are a data science rookie or a seasoned pro, making Domo data science accessible will demystify data and empower decision-making at your organization. In this session, we’ll ramp up your application of production data science in Domo and share tips for expediting data preparation, setting up effective data science pipelines and architectures, productionizing data science models in Domo, and building user-specific dashboards to empower a data-driven culture.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to get started on your Domo data science journey
  • The advantages of doing production data science in Domo
  • Best practices for doing production data science in Domo

Kristie J. Rowley, PhD, Principal Data Scientist; Manager of Data Science Professional Services, Domo
Vishakha Shenoy, Data Scientist, Domo
Bryan Powell, Associate Data Scientist, Domo

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