/ 3 Ways Domo Everywhere Can Generate Revenue, Cut Costs, and Better Your Business

Your product engineers are caught in a cycle. Actually, they’re caught in several cycles, all of which could limit them from doing what they do best: building great products for your customers.  

Your engineers want to innovate, bringing new products to market and anticipating customers’ needs. But they’re stuck resolving issues and, literally, keeping the lights on. 

Your engineers want to facilitate the best customer experience possible. But customizing your product and modifying the feature set for each individual customer racks up the billable hours. Then, the project takes longer and goes over budget—and the customer’s satisfaction, ironically, decreases anyway.  

Your engineers want to work efficiently. But when leadership tightens the reigns, product quality tends to suffer. Retention gets harder, and the budget contracts even more.  

If you’re a product manager or software engineering leader, you know these patterns intimately. And your inbox is probably full of sales reps pitching flashy, new solutions that promise to end the cycle—as long as you can pay another hundred thousand dollars.  

No tool could ever fully deliver on that kind of promise, to end a company’s fundamental challenges. But here’s what we want to suggest: Domo Everywhere can provide an elegant, if unexpected, solution. The tools we’ve built into the platform can help your team lower their operating costs, create revenue, and increase ROI. Keep reading to find out how.  


How to increase revenue and decrease costs with Domo Everywhere 

Domo Everywhere is our embedded analytics platform. It helps businesses provide better data experiences for their customers. As Domo Everywhere has developed, we’ve realized it can achieve much more for product and engineering teams, including:  

1. Do more with less: You can build and maintain products with a significantly lower investment.  

Customizing your product experience to target user groups increases adoption of your product and the analytics inside it. But customization is expensive to both create and maintain. Each customer that requires changes to the feature set, no matter how small, increases the overall cost to deliver the product. You could try to get costs back down by reducing headcount or making other cuts, but then the product quality will start to suffer.  

Domo Everywhere gives product-builders tools to customize their data products at a much lower cost. It allows you to create distinctly separate environments for each customer that can get independently configured. This means your team can centrally provide your customers with anything from basic user interface configurations to full Domo platform features. With this toolset, you can operate a leaner team of internal experts—instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars spinning up a team of contractors who don’t understand your business. 


2. Create new revenue streams: Domo Everywhere can help you monetize your data. 

Data is usually a cost center that affects the bottom line for your company. Software, storage, and staffing all cost your business. At Domo, we want your data to grow your revenue, not your business costs. With Domo Everywhere, you can build and distribute highly customizable data products and bring those products to market, generating direct top-line revenue for your business. 

Here’s an example of Domo Everywhere in action: We partnered with Fluxx, a cloud-based grants management solution that provides analytics to philanthropic and public sector organizations. The reporting tools inside the core product, data software, were limited, and our client saw an opportunity to provide greater visibility into the data.  

So, we embedded Domo’s analytic capabilities into this partner’s existing site via Domo Everywhere. Our client could then offer this service as an add-on capability to their core product. Our partnership allows our client to easily ingest, transform, and deliver data to customers without significant costs—which has allowed them to scale and grow their product presence in market.  

Also worth mentioning: At Domo, we’re always researching and testing ways to make users’ experience with data better. Every new capability that our own engineers add to Domo’s feature set becomes an upsell opportunity for you. And all you have to do is flip a switch, so to speak.  


3. Give your builders time back: When Domo handles the maintenance, your engineers can focus on revenue-building activities.  

In the world of making and selling products, there’s this maxim: The most expensive part of the whole product lifecycle, from creation to retirement, is maintenance after going to market. Upwards of 80% of the total cost to build and deliver a product happens during this phase. A significant portion of that cost is on engineering resources to resolve issues and provide updates.  

With Domo Everywhere, we’re challenging you to consider what else your product teams could accomplish if they weren’t just keeping the lights on. What new products would they bring to market? What needs could they meet, Amazon-style, before the customer even requests them?


The right BI platform can do much more than present analytics. Ready to learn more? 

Domo can do much more than business analytics. If you want to find ways to get more value from the data you already have, you can: 

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Check out more Domo Everywhere customer stories, including BacklotCars (automotive), CleanChoice Energy (energy), and iPro Systems (grocery analytics).  

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