“Data is our most important asset. Domo is how we take data and translate it into value.”

Anthony Hoang

Chief Technology Officer at CleanChoice Energy

CleanChoice Energy is a clean energy supplier that works with utilities to ensure the energy that customers use is replenished on the grid with 100% clean wind and solar power.



Departments using Domo

BI, CEO/C-Suite, Marketing, Operations

Company Size

150 employees

A manual reporting process made it difficult to share data with partners at scale. 

Using Domo Everywhere, CleanChoice Energy is able to automatically share accurate data with all its stakeholders.

Domo helps the organization work smarter and more effectively so it can connect more customers to clean energy faster.


CleanChoice Energy makes renewable energy accessible with Domo.

While renewable energy is critical in combating climate change, consumers who want to switch to clean energy have limited options. Installing solar panels can cost thousands of dollars, while many homeowners struggle with sub-optimal roof orientation or trees that block sunlight. And when it comes to renters, few have the ability to add solar on their own. 

CleanChoice Energy is on a mission to democratize renewable energy by working with wind and solar farms to generate enough electricity to offset a customer’s home energy use so that customers can reduce their energy footprint. Thanks to their work, they’ve been able to help consumers prevent more than 4.3 billion pounds of carbon emissions to date.  

To help share data with renewable energy generators, utilities, and employees, CleanChoice Energy relies on Domo to create and share dashboards at scale.  

Domo helps us unleash the power of our data to turn insights into action. It’s no longer just our BI team, but our whole business that can use data to find opportunities to really grow and drive the business further,” said Ryan Robish, Director of Business Intelligence at CleanChoice Energy.

Democratizing data with Domo Everywhere.

CleanChoice Energy works by capturing the energy use data of its customers and then matching that usage with the output of renewable energy generators. Before Domo, this required a time-consuming, manual reporting process.

We had somebody on our team downloading Excel reports, manipulating data, and emailing it to our clients. By the time our clients received the data, it was already outdated and may have contained errors,” Robish said. 

Thanks to Domo, CleanChoice Energy can now automatically capture and share customer data with utilities, wind farms, and solar energy generators. Using Domo Everywhere, CleanChoice Energy delivers automated real-time reporting that gives clients access to the data they need whenever they need it. “Domo Everywhere puts customized reporting at the fingertips of our clients,” Robish said.


Domo Everywhere delivers customized dashboards that partners can leverage to better understand end-user demand for renewable energy. With Domo Everywhere, a partner can log into a secure dashboard that provides tailored reporting using the real-time data that is pertinent to their organization. Partners can only see the data they have permission to view, and they have the ability to explore the data as they see fit to proactively answer questions and create customized visualizations.  

The company also uses Domo Everywhere to power consumer-facing dashboards that let users see their impact in easy-to-understand terms, such as the acreage of trees saved and the tonnage of coal unburned.  

A big part of what we wanted to do was to help users understand the impact they make. These dashboards show users the same KPIs we use internally,” said Anthony Hoang, Chief Technology Officer at CleanChoice Energy. “Domo lets us connect and deliver insights to all our stakeholders, be it users, utilities, renewable energy generators, or financial investors, so they can see the impact of their efforts.

Using renewable energy to power insight.

In addition to using Domo to share data with partners, CleanChoice Energy uses Domo to power its business across operations and marketing. 

For us to scale, we need our entire team to have access to the data, trends, and patterns that allow them to make the best decisions,” said Kate Colarulli, Chief Corporate Development Officer and Chief of Staff at CleanChoice Energy. “Domo has multiplied our impact by giving our team the tools they need to scale the business.


CleanChoice Energy’s ​marketing and ​sales team uses Domo to analyze which households in its target markets are most likely to sign-up for the company’s services so they can strategize where to invest in community outreach. The team also uses Domo to capture real-time feedback about which sales efforts are working so they can redirect their limited resources for maximum impact. 

Domo gives our operations team the opportunity to see what’s happening in real time so they can quickly go in when there’s a problem and fix it,” Colarulli said. “We have always had a data-driven culture; we hired data scientists before it was cool to hire data scientists. But with Domo, you don’t have to be a data scientist. Many different team members can have access to the strategic data they need to make the right decisions.” 

Domo also helps the marketing team better track the customer journey from interest to sign up so they can make smarter decisions about where to invest marketing dollars. CleanChoice Energy leverages marketing data, enrollment data, and energy usage data from customer meters to ensure they meet customers where they are in the customer journey. 

Prior to Domo, all our data was in multiple places ranging from Google Analytics to data coming in from different utilities across multiple states. We didn’t have a single source of truth to help us assess opportunities,” said Melissa Sidebottom, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at CleanChoice Energy.  


It has been a game changer to be able to unify all that data in one system,” said Jess Cromeek, VP of Operations at CleanChoice Energy. “It really gives us more visibility into what’s going on with our customers so we can optimize our process and enroll them as quickly as possible.” 

Thanks to Domo, CleanChoice Energy has everything it needs to improve operations and identify gaps so it can get clean energy to users faster.


“When creating a disruptive business, there aren’t templates about how to operate. You have to really leverage data to go to market smartly. Data is our most important asset. Domo is how we take data and translate it into value.” 

Anthony Hoang | Chief Technology Officer at CleanChoice Energy

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