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Top CEOs Are Still In The Dark On Social Media
Rebecca Ricks
Rebecca Ricks
Associate Editor
social ceo report domo

Long gone are the days when CEOs could hide behind their office doors. Employees and customers are beginning to expect the chief executive to lead the way when it comes to brand awareness and visibility. When CEOs are active on social media it sends a clear message to their employees that they are committed to …

The Family Developer Conference Hosted by a Domosapien
Chris Harrington
Chris Harrington
DevFest Family logo

Domo employees get themselves up to some pretty damn cool stuff. And sometimes we’ve just got to take time to give mad props and respect for the incredible things they do in the community. How they have the time for it is beyond me—just goes to show how awesome they are and how truly fortunate …

Women at Domo Meet-Up: An intern’s thoughts
Jessica Maughan
Jessica Maughan
Marketing Intern
women at domo 500x254

On Tuesday night, every woman at Domo—from the executives to the interns—was invited to the first ever “Women at Domo” event. The event was held in an effort to build community and provide mentoring opportunities across the company. Women in the workforce face unique challenges, and it was helpful to hear the perspective of those …

How I Became Domo’s Klout King
Ned Adams
Ned Adams
Senior System Administrator

Ned Adams, whose Klout score rocketed to 62 through the #domosocial experiment, is Domo’s official winner of the Klout King Award. (He was crowned today during the #domosocial awards meeting.) In this post, Ned shares what he learned about online influence, what types of online behavior impact Klout scores, and what it feels like to …

TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2012
Dear #domosocial
Jenny Stephenson
Jenny Stephenson
Executive Assistant

Dear @domosocial, @Flipboard is red, @Dropbox is blue, I’ve got the badges, along with @YouTube. Gained @twitter follows without creating spam, I’ve lived through the resurrection of @instagram. All of the males use @pinterest at Domo, even #siri agrees to say they love it… No longer a Bro no-no. @googlechrome, #googleplus, @pandora_radio & the @appstore are …

HR’s Gotta Go Social
Cathy Donahoe
Cathy Donahoe
Vice President Human Resources

At Domo we are in the midst of a social experiment. I mean really a true “social” networking experiment. Our staff is trying out just about every type of social tool out there from likes of TweetDeck to Codecademy. It’s actually pretty interesting to see that our admin assistants are way more “social” than our …

A Perspective from the Petri Dish
Shaun Moon
Shaun Moon
Senior Designer

When I was in architecture school, I did a project inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian. In the course of my work, I came across this quote from Mondrian,  “I don’t want pictures, I want to find things out.” A decade later, I didn’t expect to find a parallel between Mondrian and our CEO and …

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2012
Reality Check
Kate Barlow
Kate Barlow
Customer Success Manager

When I first heard the idea of the #domosocial experiment, I immediately thought, “Good thing I joined Twitter. Otherwise I may be a lot more behind the times in this meeting.”  I was thinking to myself, “I am on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, I have a blog, I use several online photo sharing sites and I …

MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2012
Who has time to be social?
Jana Frary
Jana Frary
Product Manager

Like many Domo social blogs, mine starts out the same: “When I first heard about the Domo social experiment…” I was worried I’d get sucked into the Facebook vortex that I was in when I first joined in December 2008. Back then I would spend hours finding all of my relatives (I have a lot) …

FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012
From Casual Contributor to Cyberstalker – The Parable of the Weeds
Hondo Seitzinger
Hondo Seitzinger
Senior Implementation Engineer

As I stand out on the back steps looking over what can only be described as a small thriving jungle, I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. The yard has been completely overrun with weeds. I know it needs to be done. I know it will make my wife, my neighbors, and even my …

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