/ Dear #domosocial

Dear @domosocial,

@Flipboard is red, @Dropbox is blue, I’ve got the badges, along with @YouTube.

Gained @twitter follows without creating spam, I’ve lived through the resurrection of @instagram.

All of the males use @pinterest at Domo, even #siri agrees to say they love it… No longer a Bro no-no.

@googlechrome, #googleplus, @pandora_radio & the @appstore are a must.

@wordswithfriends, #drawsomething, according
to @mint, I’ve #spent some green 😉

Took a lesson on @codeacademy, saw a #QRcode on the bathroom door, no one abides to the HR code anymore.

I downloaded a #bicompetitor, felt like I pet a dog & left with a hand of fur.

Posted blogs via @blogger about piano, in my basement I secretly #broadcast a little soprano.

Improved @wikipedia, & replied to a question, I did @WikiAnswers like it was my profession.

@tweetdeck is rad, & so is @foursquare, except for the mayor who’s losing his hair 😉

My @klout score is up, so are my @LinkedIn connections, my new @facebook friends blow up my notifications.

A bakers dozen for me Bob, #hebrewnational badges 1, 2 & 3. @domosocial it’s official, all of my badges are complete!


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