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Domo employees get themselves up to some pretty damn cool stuff. And sometimes we’ve just got to take time to give mad props and respect for the incredible things they do in the community. How they have the time for it is beyond me—just goes to show how awesome they are and how truly fortunate we are to have them in the Domo family, I guess.

I wanted to give a shout-out to Aaron “Frosty” Frost, the developer who can put on a conference like no developer I’ve ever seen. Frosty has a crazy passion for JavaScript and programming that will one day get him arrested, imho.

Frosty’s Utah Google Developer Group (GDG) (say that fast 5 times) teamed up with the BYU GDG to organize the sold-out DevFest Fam event in Orem, Utah, and it’s going down this Saturday. Here’s the low-down from his event page:

“DevFestFamily is a tech conference for the whole family, whether you are a programmer or not! Our goal is to teach Utahns to better appreciate code. We will have classes and activities for kids, teens, and adults. Even those adults not interested in coding, but want to learn how to protect and guide their family in these highly technical times.

“Please bring your family and friends, and let us teach them to code, and get some free lunch while you are at it. Thanks to our generous sponsors, we will be providing lunch and t-shirts to all who attend. We also will have some amazing door prizes. We are hoping to give away a Raspberry Pie to each family that attends (while supplies last).”

While all the seats are sold out, don’t worry—they’re hosting another one in the Fall. Check out their Google+ page for updates.

Thank you Frosty for representing Domo in such an impressive way – keep it cool! (get it Frosty and Cool – I am clever).

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