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There’s no doubt that spreadsheets are highly valuable: For the vast majority of companies, Excel is so deeply embedded in the company culture that millions might mutiny if spreadsheets disappeared. For most employees, however, there’s a frustrating side to their relationship with spreadsheets.

When used for reporting, Excel is time-consuming. It tends to be error-prone. The data is difficult to consume and isn’t provided in real-time.

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Domo will change the way you see your spreadsheets. Here’s how:

  • Real-time insights: Too often, the data you need is trapped in email threads and spreadsheets. With Domo, it’s ready in real time.
  • Powerful visualizations: Visualize spreadsheet data for a better understanding of your business.
  • Accurate reporting: Consolidate spreadsheet data to eliminate costly spreadsheet errors.
  • Informed decisions: See spreadsheet data in context to make decisions—faster.
  • Business mobility: See the metrics you need on any device—so you can see all the moving parts, wherever you happen to be.


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