Data and digital transformation are having a profound impact on the insurance industry, promising to fundamentally change both internal processes and interactions with customers. But is your current data system really delivering the value it should in this new environment?

Domo lets you take full advantage of these changes by bringing the right data, to the right people, at the right time. With real-time alerts and intelligence that can be used across your organization, Domo is the operating system for your business that helps make digital transformation a reality, rather than just a buzzword. And Domo does it all with security and governance of your data and people that you can trust.

We’ve worked with dozens of insurance companies, just like you, and have helped…

Digital marketing departments integrate campaign and web analytics data in the cloud. With campaign results and attribution now shared both internally and with business partners, the time spent building manual reports has decreased and campaign spend has become more effective.

Operations aggregate tremendous amounts of client data to provide views at a national level, by vertical, and down to individual offices. As a result, the COO now has a more comprehensive view of sales efforts, new opportunities, market reach, and areas for potential improvement.

Executives monitor the launch of a new product by visualizing leading indicators, such as loss ratio, retention, new business, quality, and premiums to ensure the right business mix and increase profitability.

Global employee benefits departments connect to data from 40 countries to understand employee coverage across their multinational companies.

Claims groups connect and visualize data from backend systems never brought together before to identify relevant metrics and better manage the claims process.

CEOs provide access to real-time data to every employee across the organization, resulting in quicker and more informed decision making.

Underwriting departments gain insight into submissions that have not been processed or quoted to understand why they have not been acted upon, where they are coming from, and what opportunity can still be found.

Domo is the fully mobile, cloud-based operating system for your business. It puts real-time data and reporting into your hands – anytime, anywhere – right on your phone. It gives your company the ability to know more, work together better, and get more done, faster.

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