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When did long report queues and clunky processes become the status quo?

Some analysts find their hands tied by inadequate solutions, while others fight against the inefficiencies that have sadly become the norm. Either way, there are a few things nobody should have to deal with.


The three levels of analyst hell:

  • Limited sharing functionality. Most insights are discovered in conversations around data, but more often than not, discussions are buried in your inbox. Without real-time chat, the conversations needed to explore topics deeply simply don’t exist.
  • Cumbersome mobile experiences. After all the work to uncover insights, access to those insights is limited, especially away from the office. Additional efforts are usually required to connect to data on each mobile device, and even then, insights aren’t in real-time.
  • Sluggish, repetitive processes. You have data, but users are still thirsty for insights. The typical processes require analysts to discover the answer, visualize the data, and pass it along, only to leave users with more questions that start the entire process over again.


How Domo takes you to data heaven.

Domo streamlines processes by connecting business users to the insights they need, when they need them. With real-time data automatically delivered on any device and an integrated chat-style collaboration platform, Domo empowers users to answer their own questions with relevant data right at their fingertips.


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"We were able to roll out 27 data sources in 2 months, which traditionally took three years, but I delivered it with one developer. Not a team of ten."

Domo helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry:

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