Considering Datorama?

With Domo, you’ll get a platform for your entire organization, not just your marketing group.

Today’s market is flooded with marketing dashboard solutions like Datorama. But what if there was a solution that let you connect marketing data with other departments’ data like sales, finance or operations to let you truly measure marketing’s impact on the company’s bottom line? Domo has customized solutions for Marketing departments but also offers the flexibility to expand to datasets outside of marketing to provide what you need to drive measurable business impact.

With Domo, you can:

  • Connect to all the data you care about through 1,000 pre-built APIs for data sources like Salesforce, Google Big Query and AWS.
  • Predict future performance through Domo’s AI and machine learning capabilities.
  • Close the gap between departments using Domo’s built-in social collaboration and chat tools.
  • Store any amount of data in Domo’s cloud.
  • Publish data sets and reports to any external web site and monetize your data.
  • Connect to ANY data source, from your entire data lake, to a simple spreadsheet.
  • Build apps on top of Domo’s platform to customize data exploration for your teams or your customers.
  • Set alerts to easily track performance goals and identify anomalies.
  • With Domo, all of your data is automatically available in our mobile app with no additional development costs or maintenance required.

But don’t just take our word for it. Fill out the form and see Domo in action.

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Domo helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry:

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