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Here’s what three executives did to connect their organizations, and the incredible impact it had.

Data becomes decisions, ideas turn into action.

They each had a simple idea about how to do something better. In these articles, the CEO, CMO, and VP of User Experience at Domo, discuss the one thing they did that had a massive impact on their organization.

In this set of articles and interviews, you’ll read how:

  • Josh James, CEO of Domo, brought real-time data transparency into the boardroom, and how it changed everything.
  • Shane Atchison, CMO of Domo, found unlikely inspiration in Jimi Hendrix when he started thinking about curiosity-and data.
  • Chris Willis, Domo’s VP of User Experience, discovered that collaboration comes down to one thing: creating trust.


Domo brings your data, systems, and people together in one place.

Domo gives everyone in the organization the ability to know more, work together better, and get more done faster—all from their phones.

Read how these leaders are transforming their organizations.

Domo helps businesses of all sizes, in every industry:

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