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Create yourself a thriving company culture by spreading data awareness.

Find the balance, and harmony, between your people and your data.

When you empower your employees with data, you empower them to do their jobs the very best they can. When they can monitor their own progress, they feel like they can progress on their own schedule. It can be a challenge to implement data awareness and usage across your company, but in the end, sharing real-time data helps move the focus from trying to lasso information for insights to focusing on your organization’s current and future growth.

In the following thought leadership pieces, hear from culture experts on how to build a culture of employees who believe in and rep your vision and values. 

  • The Trust Gap: Domo’s Chief of Design, Chris Willis, on the surprising factor in getting data working
  • Radical Leadership: Author Kim Scott on the best way to manage and information transparency
  • The Parity Pledge: How Diversity and Equality can Drive Profit
  • How to Become a Boss People Want to Work For: Interview with Wendy Johnson, author of Build an A-Team

Learn how Domo brings your data, systems, and people together in one place, with the ability to know more, work together better, and get more done faster. All from your phone.

Read how these leaders are transforming their organizations.

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