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Billions of rows of data. No sweat.

Domo handles any size data set so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Don’t let the volume of your data hold you back.

Business isn’t black and white. Dozens, if not hundreds, of variables lead to complex questions that require equally complex answers. Exploring data to find insights takes time, and when large-scale reports takes 20 minutes or more to load, it limits how much refining and iterating on those insights you can do. In the end, there’s little time left to deliver actionable insights to decision makers, if at all.

Domo changes all of that. It maintains high-performance analytics, even with billions of rows of data, empowering BI analysts to unearth insights quickly. Automated mobile and desktop reports refresh in a matter of seconds—not hours—freeing up your time to explore even more widely—and keep the freshest insights in front of the organization.

How Domo does it:

  • Light speed data. With over 450 connectors, Domo brings together spreadsheets, on premise systems, and hundreds of cloud-based data systems into a single, coordinated view—and gives you integrated datasets to work with in days, not months.
  • The largest scale cloud analytics system ever. With over 25 petabytes of data uploaded, Domo manages more than 100 trillion rows, and it does it with ease. Even the largest data queries run in seconds, so you always have the freshest data.
  • A single data story. Avoid endless report requests. Domo offers simple sharing, threaded discussions, and annotations that help everyone access data quickly and interpret it accurately.

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