“When we found Domo, it was pretty clear Domo was the partner and the tool we needed.”

Pedro Maia

Director of IT, Data, BI and Analytics at EDP Comercial

Operating in 28 markets and three continents, EDP is a global energy company engaged in electricity and gas production, transport, distribution and trading.



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With operations spread across 28 countries and three continents, EDP struggled to manage operations due to siloed, unverified data. 

Thanks to Domo, business users around the world have easy access to a single, reliable source for data. 

The company improved its ability to leverage data in its decision-making processes, helping accelerate its goal of delivering 100% renewable energy by 2023.


EDP empowers a green energy future with help from Domo.  

Over the past 40 years, EDP Comercial (“EDP”) has evolved from a small Portuguese utility to a global leader in managing the transition to clean, renewable energy. Today, 75% of all energy EDP generates comes from renewables, with a goal to be 100% green by 2023.


They are responsible for significant clean energy production and delivery to 28 markets across three continents, which positions the company to lead the way in delivering sustainable energy around the world in the years to come.

To help manage the complexity of its global operations, EDP relies on Domo to create a single source of insight the company uses to stay at the forefront of innovation.  

Turning data into an asset.

While EDP sees itself as having a significant role to play in helping the world transition to a carbon-neutral future, it previously struggled with siloed data stuck in multiple departments across separate countries. Not only was this data hard to collect, but the sheer volume of the data the company generated meant that business users were overwhelmed with figuring out where to start when trying to use it to make decisions.

“The main challenge we had was how to navigate through the whole ocean of data we had, and give business units the ability to trust that data,” said Pedro Maia, Director of IT, Data, BI and Analytics at EDP Comercial. “We needed to ensure all our business units were aligned with the meanings and figures.”

EDP worked closely with Domo to create a strategy that would allow the energy provider to treat data as the valuable corporate asset it is. “When we found Domo, it was pretty clear Domo was the partner and the tool we needed,” Maia said.


EDP worked with Domo’s team of consultants to identify and understand their key challenges, requirements, and opportunities. Domo then helped EDP build the framework required to bring all its complex energy production and usage data from across all its separate markets into the platform in the most effective way.



“We wanted to manage data as a corporate asset, and Domo was a good listener. They helped us draw a framework, an architecture, and a governance model that helped us achieve that.”

Pedro Maia | Director of IT, Data, BI and Analytics


Energizing insight.

Unlike other BI platforms the company worked with in the past, Domo allowed EDP to truly democratize data across the organization. “Whenever you look at a BI platform, it is often either for business users only or IT only. Domo is highly effective for both,” said Francesco Costigliola, Deputy Director of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics at EDP Comercial. “We don’t believe a BI platform should live in IT, but should be simple to spread out across the company.”



Once Domo was in place, EDP was able to quickly train business users so they could use Domo in the most effective way possible, as quickly as possible. By focusing its data collection and analytics in one platform, the company was able to minimize the cost, training, and confusion that can come from using multiple platforms across separate business units and markets.


“Domo helped us avoid the spread of thousands of tools across the organization, while ensuring that data is certified,” Costigliola said. “That is something that changed how we work a lot; instead of searching for data, extracting it, and building their own analytics, users just access it directly from Domo for faster insight.”


“Domo is a very friendly platform that guarantees everyone across business units can easily access data, and at the same time guaranteeing that the data is reliable. This creates a very strong decision-making process throughout the company.”

Mafalda Vasconcelos | Executive Board Member


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