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Financial Services

Departments using Domo


The challenge. Obsolete reporting | Manual process

"Being a financial services company, we need very rapidly updating data without having to manually go in and run reports. We want real-time acquisition metrics to be able to evaluate how we’re doing."

| Director, Risk Management

The results.

"Domo provides a way for geeks like me to drill down and do as much as we want, but at the same time, the execs can look at it from a top-level view — and they don't have to have a Ph.D. in Excel to understand the metrics being reported."

"Rather than waiting for a weekly report, I have immediate access to a set of KPIs for things like loan performance, which is something closely monitored in our industry. That kind of access and insight is something other companies in our industry just don't have, and it really gives us a leg up on the competition."

"The executives all have Domo on their iPads and iPhones. In fact, every night I'll check things on my iPhone before I go to bed. It drives my wife crazy, but it's great to have that mobile access."

"Once one of our data providers had an outage, and we actually found the outage before they were even aware of it — we were monitoring it in more real-time than they were! I can't count on one hand the number of times Domo has saved us thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars by alerting us to issues like this in a quicker period of time."

The bottom line.

"It's access to your data without all the mental gymnastics."

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