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  • Combine all of your Square accounts.
    Link multiple Square accounts for consolidated reporting of all locations.
  • Share reports with a click.
    Export reports directly into PowerPoint for easy sharing, send insights as emails.
  • Get alerts on your phone when metrics change.
    Quickly analyze your key metrics and gain insights into what action to take next. Put your data to work for you.
  • Filter your data for quick views.
    Filter by date, location, sales category, and sales type (card or cash). See sales analytics by day or over a custom date range.
  • Period over period comparisons.
    Compare the values from a specified hour today to the same hour on a different day.

Unleash the power of Domo + Square

Domo + Square Dashboard

Domo connects all of your Square data into one centralized experience for real time insights at any time. With Domo, see all of your Square accounts in one location from any device so you can make business decisions, no matter where you are.

Domo and Square are better together:

Domo Feature - Square Quickstart

Bring it all together.1

See your Square data from every account, all in one place.

Automate your reporting.2

Harness the power of your Square data and visualize key metrics instantly.

Domo cards

Anytime, anywhere.3

Get real-time updates from any device.

Square quickstart with alerts
  • Pull from everywhere, integrate everything, connect everyone. Domo puts all of a business’ data to work for employees throughout the company.
  • Work together, faster, better, stronger. Domo increases everyone’s ability to act on data, including partners outside the organization.
  • Run the business from your phone. Domo enables all employees to quickly access information on any mobile device.
  • Take action with your data. Domo gives everyone a more holistic view so they can take more informed, effective actions.
  • Your insights, your way. Domo’s full app ecosystem provides packaged offerings to meet any business’ needs.
  • Mobile apps. Native iOS and Android apps.
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