See how NatGeo publishes better stories with a lion’s share of useful data.

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See how NatGeo publishes better stories with a lion’s share of useful data.

All about that base.

Whether you’re a broadcast network, telecommunications, or advertising agency executive, your objective is the same – to increase revenue, grow and retain your customer base and maximize profitability.

Keeping up to date.

As today’s media and entertainment industry transforms at a rapid pace, it’s become increasingly difficult to respond to current market trends. To truly capitalize on the new digital marketplace and connected consumer, media and entertainment leaders require accessible, real-time and reliable data.


"We were running numbers out of a traditional BI tool and then dumping them into massive spreadsheets. This was a very manual process that hindered our ability to get at the necessary client data in a timely fashion."

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Domo transforms the way you manage your business by connecting directly to your different sources of data, so you can have the information you require, right at your fingertips. From campaign profitability to customer and fan revenue to CSAT and retention scores, Domo helps you see the information you need, exactly the way you want to see it.

  • Maximize brand and campaign profitability
  • Extend reach and frequency
  • Improve paid social performance
  • Increase customer acquisition and loyalty

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