"Domo saves a ton of time and it makes my job a lot easier. When anyone comes to me with a question, I have the data available at my fingertips.”

Daniel Rabiner

Associate Director, Business Operations





Nativo is a native advertising technology company that delivers meaningful content experiences to consumers, automates distributed marketing content, and analyzes the impact of branded content.



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Nativo makes data tell a better story with Domo.


Challenge: This ad platform provider struggled to serve the data needs of its brands and publishers.

Solution: Domo helps Nativo report on massive amounts of data while proactively identifying and fixing technical issues.

Impact: Nativo can now provide faster, more granular reports to clients while reducing help desk requests.


As a leading platform for connecting brands and publishers together, Nativo provides value by mining data for insights that allow it to more effectively serve the right ad to the right person at the right time. However, the company found itself held back by a spreadsheet-driven reporting process that was anything but data friendly.

“Before Domo, we were using Excel, which effectively limited us to 150,000 rows of data in any report before it would crash and you would lose all your data,” remembers Daniel Rabiner, associate director of business operations. “I don’t have to worry about that now with Domo; I have infinitely more scale to do analysis while being able to go more in-depth and granular than I used to.” 


Smarter reporting process, more intelligent reports.

One example Rabiner shared was a supply and demand analysis at the device level, a common report Nativo uses to determine what device users are accessing content on so it can make smarter recommendations to improve ad performance. With spreadsheets, Rabiner could either run a placement report or a device report, but not both at the same time. In addition, he could only pull data at the month level. “With Domo, I can now pull all that data by the day, which gives me a lot more flexibility as to the type of reporting I can do,” he said.

“We are able to use data to fix something before clients even know it’s broken, which is exactly what a client wants from a vendor.”

Daniel Rabiner | Associate Director, Business Operations

Thanks to Domo’s ETL tool Magic, Nativo has been able to slash the time it takes to collect, compile and report on data. “It used to be a cumbersome process to pull a report, taking a day or two. Now it’s automated to happen in the middle of the night, so I don’t have to worry about it. It’s just there. I come in the next day and yesterday’s data is already available.” 



Working with marketers and publishers, Rabiner knows that graphics and charts can tell the data’s story far more effectively than a spreadsheet full of numbers. He often exports Domo cards into PowerPoint for client presentations. “We build slides and decks all day for client presentations on how campaigns are performing. It saves so much time creating graphics out of Domo instead what it took to create a graphic out of Excel. Plus, the visuals are amazing.” 


Using data to build a better product.

Not only has Domo helped improve the way Nativo’s clients run their advertising campaigns, but it has also helped improve the way Nativo runs its business. The company uses Domo to easily identify broken selectors within its platform that would prevent it from being able to serve ads on a piece of content. “Every time something is broken, that’s a lost monetization opportunity for our publishers and for us. Since we’ve started implementing new workflow enhancements through Domo, we’ve been able to reduce broken selectors by 50%.”



Because the company has been able to proactively reduce broken selectors, it has seen the number of tickets for the issue drop in Zendesk. Since clients are reporting fewer issues, this gives them more confidence in Nativo as a company. “We are able to use data to fix something before they even know it is broken, which is exactly what a client wants from a vendor,” said Rabiner.

Nativo also used Domo to reduce a lack of ticket mapping between Zendesk and Salesforce from 50% to less than 5%, helping the company identify which of its clients were ticketing the most. This helps Nativo discover which of its clients are having the most problems and may be at-risk to leave the platform so it can better understand how to service those clients better.

Because the entire company now sees the data in Domo as a single source of truth, Domo has changed the way the company approaches the way it uses that data.


From “What” to “What now.”

“My favorite thing is the fact that when I go into a room, I don’t have to spend the first fifteen minutes explaining where the data came from or what it is,” said Rabiner. “We can now jump straight into the problem and identify how we’re going to solve it. It makes meetings far more productive since everyone is aligned with what we’re talking about and trust the data they’re looking at.” 

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