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Univision is the largest Spanish language broadcast television network in America. Univision’s powerhouse portfolio includes Television, Radio, and Interactive media informing more Hispanics every day than any other media company in the country.



The challenge. Limited Visibility | Disparate Data

"Before Domo, we were looking and just hoping that some of the changes we were making worked. We wouldn’t actually see the results for another week."

— David Katz | VP, General Manager for Programmatic Revenue and Operations

The results.

"We had Q3 goals that we had to hit right away and we needed granular data. We were able to get up and launched within a month and a half."

"Domo has completely transformed the way that we go after programmatic advertising."

"Instead of being 80% focused on the engineering and 20% focused on the analysis, we’re able to spend all of our time on analysis."

"One of our earliest wins was when we looked at the aggregated and granular data, we realized that our mobile app inventory was much larger than expected. We were able to pivot and focus efforts on getting vendors specific to that inventory."

"Domo is affecting our operational procedure every day. Our team gathers around Domo every two or three days to see what’s successful and what’s not working. The most important thing is that it’s accurate data, it’s really fast, and it’s easy to manipulate."

The bottom line.

“By launching Domo, we were able to quickly optimize and achieve an 80% growth in yield during our first quarter. Just this quarter alone, we’re already seeing revenue growth of over 100%.”
David Katz | VP, General Manager for Programmatic Revenue and Operations

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