/ What Domo’s speed of deployment does for customers

Anyone who has read the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and BI Platforms report not only knows that Domo was named a Challenger, but that one of The Business Cloud’s strengths, according to the world’s biggest tech advisory firm, is speed of deployment. 
“Domo’s ability to connect quickly to enterprise applications enables rapid deployment,” Gartner wrote. “Domo’s connectivity is differentiated in that it maintains API-like connectors that can respond dynamically to changes in source-side schemas.” 
Why is rapid deployment such a big deal? For the answer to that question and others related to a strength of the Domo platform, I talked to Nikos Acuna, Domo’s senior director of product marketing—and an expert on all things data and technology.  
Q: Why is speed of deployment so important, Nikos? 
A: Speed of deployment is critical for analysts serving line-of-business leaders who need to make quick business decisions, build predictive models, or optimize toward business outcomes. 
Most of these analysts are delayed because they spend most of their time chasing down data that is outside of a data warehouse environment. They have to submit requests to data engineers and IT to push the data into OLAP cubes or other designated environments so it fits within security and governance guidelines.  
Waiting for this data extends the time it takes to package the data into insights that can help deliver cost savings or make predictions to drive revenue growth. Time is money, and in this case, data lifecycles need to be shortened to maximize revenues.  
Q: How is it that Domo can be deployed so quickly? 
A: Domo enables true data agility thanks to its extensible, multi-cloud data fabric, which provides an entire integration studio and more than 1,000 connectors so the above use case is solved for. Analysts don’t have to spend most of their time chasing down data. Instead, they can focus on generating insights.  
Domo democratizes workflows that once only lived within IT and data engineering such as ETL and data pipelines. This allows analysts to create data products much faster with shorter data lifecycles, which accelerates time to value.  
Q: What types of organizations would speed of deployment benefit most? 
IT, marketing, finance, HR, and operations leaders all benefit from Domo’s suite of integration tools and intelligent applications. Each group has hybrid roles, which often require analysts and citizen data scientists to do everything from curation to transformation of data into consumable formats the entire company can utilize.  
IT professionals are also pulled closer into the mix because they are responsible for data governance. Now they can sleep better at night knowing that their data is fully accounted for, with personal data permissions, data lineage, and governed certification processes across cloud and on-premise platforms.  
Line-of-business leaders are in charge of delivering business insights, and these applications inform those decisions in real time.  
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