/ App Of The Week: QuickBooks Online QuickStart

If you work at a small business, it’s likely that your company’s QuickBooks account is home to the information that is most vital to understanding your firm’s long-term health. There, finance-savvy managers and executives are able to see the underlying data that explains the company’s income, expenses, and cash flow.

Unfortunately, analyzing that data can be rather difficult. In order to share it with other members of a company, employees must spend hours putting together spreadsheets that could ultimately be filled with out-of-date information by the time their coworkers are able to see it. This is particularly problematic at fast-growing companies, where employees wear many hats and have little time to spare for digging through their accounting software.

But now, there’s the QuickBooks Online QuickStart app from Domo. With this app, professionals from across a company can easily understand their firm’s high-level financial performance via an intuitive, interactive dashboard.

QuickBooks Online QuickStart gives you the accounting information you need, whenever you need it.

The QuickBooks Online QuickStart app allows businesses to connect their QuickBooks Online account to the Domo business cloud in a matter of minutes. After integration, you’ll see a series of real-time data visualizations that provide all the key details regarding your firm’s financial health. Regardless of your level of accounting proficiency, our bright, interactive graphs offer an up-to-the-minute account of what’s happening with your company’s cash flow, with detailed insight into net income, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

Quickbooks Dashboard

Like all Domo apps, QuickBooks Online QuickStart can be integrated easily with the rest of your business data. By combining your financial information with your sales, marketing, and operations data, you’ll be able to get an even better picture of your performance. Plus, with Domo’s built-in collaboration tools, it has never been easier to discuss your financial data with the people in your company.

How better financial data leads to better business decisions.

Once you have a better sense of where you stand financially, your firm will be able to move quickly to make better business decisions.

For instance, if you notice that increased expenses are hurting your net income for a given quarter, you can start searching for ways to cut costs and grow profits. Or, if your income currently isn’t what it has been in the past, you can begin exploring new sales strategies to increase your revenue.

The app is particularly useful when it comes to making investment decisions. If you have lots of liabilities that you need to pay off down the road, it might not be a great time to invest—even if it appears that there is a lot of money in your bank accounts.

With QuickBooks Online QuickStart, your firm can get the financial information it needs to maximize its performance—without pulling your busy employees away from their job duties for hours at a time.

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