/ App of the Week: Monitor and Comparative Analytics

Who doesn’t want to keep tabs on the competition? In a world filled with social media data and information, having the right data and automation setup is key to good market intelligence.

The folks over at Dovetale have been hard at work building marketing intelligence tools for influencer marketing. Inspired by months of conversations and work with customers, Dovetale’s team has built features that help brand managers keep constant tabs on competitors and influencers working and engaging with their brand across social media. The Monitor app enables data-focused marketers to keep a pulse on critical activities in a scalable way.

Also being launched in the Domo Appstore is Dovetale’s Comparative Analytics, which helps organizations keep track of their social media growth and traction. In addition to monitoring competitive and influencer accounts on social media, Comparative Analytics will share helpful information, such as when competitors are working with influencers or pushing paid marketing. It will also track the gender, location, and age of a competitors’ audience.

Dovetale - marketing intellgence

Capture More Data and Insights in Social Media

The power of social media data is harnessed through new apps such as Monitor and Comparative Analytics. Not only can brands grow their own social media with the right data—like gender breakdown of those who interact with content, or the location of these users—brands can leverage Monitor and Comparative Analytics to keep tabs on their competition. Where are their followers? What are their followers engaging with? And how can brands target the right influencers with the right audiences for promotions, events, and more?

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