Dovetale is the most comprehensive and reliable provider of social media data helping brands and agencies drive results and keep a pulse on their competitors. Dovetale’s proprietary social listening is able to capture detailed audience data and spot trends making it one of the fastest growing solutions for marketers looking to grow their brands on social media.

  • Real-time social reporting. Dovetale’s data updates regularly so you don’t have to manually monitor posts. Reporting tools also support a complete overview of post statistics including: number of posts, total reach, total engagement percent, audience demographics and more.
  • Audience breakdown for any social account. Using machine learning, Dovetale is able to gather more in-depth audience data for any social media account. With access to more data, such as audience age, gender, bots and location, marketers can learn more about strategies that are working and which ones need attention.
  • Social insights at a glance. With Domo’s dynamic visualization tools, it’s easy to see the data that’s most important to you. See how each of your campaigns perform by comparing social media data to sales data.