/ How to Balance Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence

Everyone wants to know what artificial intelligence (AI) can do. What jobs will it take? Which tasks can it automate? At Domo, we’re focused less on helping people delegate tasks to AI—although Domo.AI’s tools do allow companies to automate menial tasks.   

Instead, our experts are helping people bring artificial intelligence and human intelligence together into one collaborative, productive ecosystem. Our webinar Data-Driven Decisions Are Both Science and Art explored this interplay. Below, we’re sharing our takeaways from Kristie Rowley, director of AI Labs at Domo, and Jason Harper, managing director at RXA@OneMagnify.  


1. See the dance between data and intuition 

Data provides the map, AI powers the motor, but human intuition steers the ship. Rowley views the interaction between artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) as a delicate dance that blends an algorithms’ precision with the nuance of human experience.   

2. Build a framework for wise decisions 

Jason Harper, managing director at RXA@OneMagnify, echoes this sentiment. He likens AI in business to an exoskeleton—boosting the natural abilities of professionals, not replacing them. In this collaborative framework, AI augments human insight, empowering decision-makers to confidently make bolder, more informed choices.  

3. Cultivate the art of data inquiry 

One of the crucial elements in this partnership is the human capacity to ask insightful questions—a skill machines have yet to master. Human curiosity and our ability to hypothesize drive the quest for deeper understanding and innovative solutions.  

4. Tune the machine’s dials with human expertise  

Harper highlights the importance of human oversight in refining AI models. He points out that it’s the human touch that infuses business logic into the data, teaching the algorithms about the unique aspects of the business they serve. This tuning process ensures that AI tools are not only intelligent but also aligned and relevant.  

5. Keep humans in the loop 

While AI can sift through data and suggest patterns, the human in the loop translates these findings into strategic action. This partnership is about leveraging AI’s computational might with human creativity and contextual understanding, leading to more dynamic and effective business strategies.  

6. Evolve the role of data professionals 

Harper underscores the changing landscape of data careers. With advanced AI tools, the emphasis shifts from technical execution to creative interpretation and strategic application. The modern data professional thrives not by manipulating spreadsheets but by interpreting AI outputs and steering the business toward innovation and growth.  

7. Trust your intuition, amplify it with data 

Harper’s advice for those navigating the integration of AI into business processes is threefold. Firstly, trust your intuition—let your gut feeling guide the questions you ask of your data. Secondly, prioritize clear communication—ensure that your data scientists can articulate their findings and the implications for your business. Lastly, keep the right humans in the loop—involve those who deeply understand your business and can make the nuanced decisions that drive it forward.  

8. Build a collaborative ecosystem 

At Domo, we’re committed to creating tools that foster a collaborative ecosystem where AI and human intelligence can thrive together. Our vision is not about replacing human roles but about enriching them, allowing technology to take care of routine tasks and people to focus on strategic initiatives that require their unique human capabilities.  


Embrace AI with Domo 

Embracing AI with Domo doesn’t mean stepping back; it means stepping up with more confidence and clarity. It’s about letting AI handle the data so you can handle the decisions. If you’re ready to explore how Domo can revolutionize your decision-making process with the power of AI and human insight, we’re here to illuminate the path: 

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