/ The Domo.AI Vision: Creating Personalized, Secure, AI-Powered Data Experiences

Imagine a data experience powered by artificial intelligence that’s built by a company with heritage in this industry. This is what Domo.AI offers, and our history changes everything. Believe it or not, we’ve been working on our AI framework long before ChatGPT hit the market—and our mission is much more comprehensive.  

At Domo, we’re building a vision for responsible AI. As explored in the Domo Innovation Summit 2023, this vision captures: 

  • The power of all the AI capabilities currently on the market, combined 
  • The flexibility to add new, innovative tools as they get released 
  • The freedom to analyze company data without compromising security 
  • The personalization to make sure each team can use the tools suitable for their work 

But we know a vision statement only goes so far. That’s why we pulled together visionary leaders in the AI space for our roundtable discussion

  • Cory Linton, CEO and Founder of Edify.ai 
  • Mark Cecchini, Associate Dean of Executive Education, Professor, and Department Chair at the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina 
  • Ramasubbu Venkatesh, Cofounder and CEO of Anvai AI 

A sample of this roundtable was part of the Summit, but you can check out the full conversation here. Below, we’re sharing the highlights and how Domo envisions AI done well.  

Instead of hiring developers and prompt engineers to translate for nontechnical employees… 


Your people can engage with generative AI using human language, not code or technical language.

Cory Linton shared an example in the roundtable: Consider a healthcare provider on the frontlines. Instead of having to fill out 15 fields to analyze patient data, the provider can describe the answers needed in their own, profession-specific language; the AI then fills out the form and retrieves the answers for them, in seconds.  

Instead of onboarding AI piecemeal across your organization (and taking on more risk with every tool)… 


You have all the powerful capabilities of AI in a single, governable, trustworthy platform.  

Teams across your company are likely already using AI, and trying to evaluate, onboard, and govern all of them will become a challenge for IT teams. Domo.AI offers a safer method: Our framework lets you use public models, large language models, and generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT)—all within the security of our platform. Your company’s data never leaves your hands. 

Instead of simply wiring up OpenAI to the user experience… 


AI is responsibly embedded into fabric of your business—and the capabilities develop alongside you.  

Many companies today are in reaction mode, adding new AI tools as soon as new use cases emerge (e.g., one for ad imagery production, another for data cleaning, yet another for inventory management). But these surface-level integrations can’t scale as your organization grows.  

An integrated approach, however, will. The Domo.AI data experience is designed to bring teams together around the common stories emerging your data. The flexible framework allows for adding new, suitable tools and models as you identify them, while keeping your data centralized and safe in the Domo platform.  

Instead of having to choose between an AI product designed for experts or one tailored to novices… 


You get data experiences that empower both groups.  

Domo.AI is advanced enough for data architects and analysts, yet approachable enough for those without the same technical fluency. And, as Mark Cecchini shared in the roundtable, the Domo platform is designed to engage people (especially those without data science backgrounds), helping them learn and progress in making data-driven decisions. 

Instead of replacing headcount with AI and getting subpar results… 


Your people and AI can collaborate, delivering more value, creativity, and opportunity than either could alone.  

“The time has come to put AI to work,” says Chris Willis, Chief Design Officer at Domo. “Not as a novelty, but as an invaluable assistant augmenting capabilities for everyone in your enterprise.” With Domo.AI, our vision is to give you the tools you need to create AI-powered data experiences that make work life easier by handling repetitive tasks and freeing up your people to focus on the strategic work that needs their skills.


How are other businesses putting AI to work? 


Aha! moments like this one come along just once in our careers, if at all. As Linton put it, “We’re on the edge of a frontier.” These are the moments that we see our work world shifting and have an opportunity to capitalize on the potential. Check out the full discussion for our experts’ take on how to jump into AI—safely, quickly, and productively. 

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