/ How new Domo features help deliver ‘Modern BI for All’

At this year’s Domopalooza, there was a lot of talk about delivering “Modern BI for All.” As Domo CEO Josh James made clear during his keynote to open the event earlier this week, Domo’s vision for Modern BI is one that:

  • makes intelligence as accessible to front-line workers as it is to the C-suite;
  • puts data at your fingertips whether you’re on an airplane or in the office; and
  • makes a data-driven corporate culture the standard, not the exception.

To help you achieve an inclusive Modern BI experience, we just launched more than a dozen new features as a part of our March 2021 release, empowering you to do more things with more kinds of data than ever before.

Take data science as an example. AutoML delivers automated machine learning capabilities that let you augment your existing analytics with machine intelligence.

AutoML automatically selects the best machine learning model for the job, allowing you to generate data science insights the whole team can use. This will help you deploy more robust data science capabilities in more places throughout your organization.

We’ve also given DataFlows a turbo boost by introducing Adrenaline DataFlows, which let you transform 10-times larger datasets in less than one-tenth of the time traditional DataFlows take. In other words, a transformation that used to take hours can now take seconds, allowing you do more and act faster.

As a part of Domo’s Integration Cloud, Integration Studio lets you easily link disparate data sources that would usually be impossible to connect for bi-directional data exchange between systems.

For example, you could use Integration Studio to integrate leads from your marketing automation system into Domo, combine the leads with sales rep availability data, and then push the assigned leads directly back to Salesforce, seamlessly sharing data everywhere you need it to be.

Other new features include:

  • New customizable filter views that enable you to provide users with the views that are most relevant to them and encourage data exploration so users can discover and share new insights on their own.
  • New chart enhancements that make it easier to deliver clear, effective visuals so you can better tell your story. 
  • Expanded functionality like accessibility upgrades, saved searches, customized filtering on a per-dashboard basis, updated R and Python SDKs, global formatting options, improved report security options, and the ability to set your availability status in Buzz.

To learn more about Domo’s new features, click here. To see how some of these features were spotlighted during the Domopalooza 2021 opening session, watch a replay of that session starting from the 01:39:15 mark.

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