/ Domo’s AI Service Layer—A New Way to Use AI that Connects Innovation to Impact

It’s an exciting time in tech with the hype level taking a sharp hockey stick jump at the recent introduction of ChatGPT, which was arguably the first to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) tangible for everyone from elementary school students to software engineers.  

Nearly every day we hear about new AI solutions clamoring for attention, and companies are scrambling to figure out how to pull AI into their businesses in a smart way that goes beyond the hype. 

At Domo, we’ve been excited about the possibilities of AI for quite some time and have taken a use case-based approach to stay focused on innovating AI into our data experience platform in a way that adds tangible value to our customers’ data environments. That means keeping in mind your need for security, flexibility, and usability.  

Motivated by a mission to put data to work for everyone so they can multiply their business impact, we’re excited to announce a new AI framework: Domo’s AI Service Layer. 


Domo’s AI Service Layer Keeps Customers in the Driver’s Seat 

AI is only as powerful as the data connected to it. We happen to have the most end-to-end connected data stack in the world, opening up numerous possibilities with workflows, alert-based actions and automated apps. And like all things at Domo, our AI Service Layer is built to deliver flexibility, security, and business value. 

Domo’s AI Service Layer makes it easy for users to manage, deploy, and optimize AI and ML models—including Large Language Models (LLMs)—so they can get the most out of their data experiences. Its capabilities span from generative AI and natural language processing that enable text generation and SQL queries, to audio transcription and text translation. 

Most importantly, the framework lets customers and partners host and manage their own models and solutions in our data experience platform. Here’s an overview of what our AI Service Layer enables: 

  • Flexible model selection—Businesses can choose AI models that are the best fit for their needs and data environments, from LLMs to traditional ML models (or even customer-centric private models). 
  • Efficient model management—Businesses can manage their own models on a serverless basis, integrate them with existing ML infrastructures, or point them to other API services.  
  • Continuous model optimization—Businesses can keep perfecting model performance through constant tracking and monitoring. 
  • Easy deployment—Businesses can easily deploy AI models into low-code and no-code data experiences. By easily integrating AI into their operations, regardless of technical ability, businesses can improve AI accessibility. 
  • Benefits for ecosystem partners—By hosting models in the Domo Appstore, customers have options for deploying models and apps.
  • Strong governance and security—With our Governance Toolkit, businesses can ensure easy access for users while maintaining data security and integrity. Businesses get all the benefits of AI while adhering to strict data governance standards. 

AI for All Users 

Domo’s AI Service Layer benefits everyone across an organization, from data scientists and app developers to business users and leaders. While scientists are empowered to host and deploy any AI or ML model, and app developers can make the power of AI available in business apps, business users get value from the framework, too.  

From quickly answering business questions (powered by conversational AI) to more easily understanding complex information (powered by generative AI), our AI Service Layer supports real-world use cases that matter to everyone—technical and business teams alike. 


A New AI Solution for an Always-Changing AI Landscape 

Our AI framework reflects our commitment to quality and innovation that serves our customers. We built Domo’s AI Service Layer while immersing ourselves in the AI, ML, LLM landscape so we could learn from what’s working and what’s not—and then apply those insights to enhance our framework.

Businesses recognize the transformative potential of AI, but many grapple with how to optimally integrate and manage the diverse range of AI models available. One key challenge is the need for flexibility—not being locked into a single model, such as ChatGPT or Google Bard. Although these LLMs have significant power, enterprise use cases are still nascent compared to the outcomes driving the hype cycle.  

Domo’s AI Service Layer gives businesses the freedom to select and integrate models securely. And by simplifying and infusing flexibility into the process of deploying and managing AI models, businesses can take advantage of the power of AI without being bogged down by the complexities of the AI ecosystem. This means our customers have control over which models are used, how, and when—and the models are accessible via the Domo App Framework and Domo Bricks, with an initial model available today and expanded model options coming in June.  


Domo AI Service Layer Is Available Now 

With Domo’s AI Service Layer, businesses can tap into the power of AI, streamline their operations, and access new opportunities for impact through innovation that honors their unique needs.   

Domo’s product development team is continuing to build new AI-infused features into our platform for data exploration, writing formulas, summarizing dashboards—and beyond. Our AI framework empowers not only us, but also our partners and customers to bring AI into their unique data experiences.    

Please email us at ai@domo.com for more information.

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