/ Domopalooza revisited: 4 ‘Data Agility’ sessions that deliver

If you attended Domopalooza 2021 or have read anything about it, then you know that data agility is one of the three principles that not only form the foundation of Domo but enable modern BI for all. 
But what exactly is data agility? Put simply, it’s all about getting data to work—and getting it to work together, even though it might not be designed to work together. 
Data agility is a powerful aspect of the “modern BI for all” equation because it’s what makes an organization’s data—from on-prem data to even third-party data—accessible and actionable. 
When data is accessible and actionable, a whole new door swings open, one that begs everyone from the CEO on down to the frontline worker to ask different questions and to explore possibilities they never could’ve even dreamed of before. 
Domo CEO Josh James described data agility at greater length during his Domopalooza keynote address. But that was just the start of the conversation around data agility at Domo’s annual user conference. 
Indeed, 38 sessions fell under the data agility track at Domopalooza. You can find them all here. Or, you can keep reading for summaries of the four most-viewed to date. 
1 – Empowering Your Organization Through Integration, Transformation, and Applied BI Strategies (WATCH) 
The last mile of analytics is more than just data visualization. In order to be a truly modular, composable, and agile enterprise in the age of constant disruption, you need to have strong foundations in cloud data integration, augmented BI workflows, and delivery of sophisticated data products across lines of business. 
This roundtable—which included senior representatives of Gartner, LEGO, Disney Streaming Services, RWI Logistics, and RXA—addressed why all of those things are critical, what it takes to obtain them, and how certain tools can help. Because as Frederic Serval, LEGO’s Global Search & Analytics Strategy Director, said: “Data agility is our baseplate. It’s what we build our Legos on.” 
2 – The Art of Designing an Enterprise-level Data Architecture and Pipeline (WATCH) 
Facing an enterprise-scale data analysis and management implementation can be a daunting proposition. During this session, Jonathan Tremblay from Gretrix and John Ament from Trimble provided tips and tricks for establishing a robust data architecture, discussed how to handle high-bandwidth data integration, and revealed what a more agile setup can do for a big business, especially. 
“Trimble was losing clients because of the inability of the prior data warehouse to scale,” said Ament, Trimble’s Data Warehouse Manager. “Switching to a partition-based load strategy made our data warehouse more scalable, flexible, manageable, and accurate.” 

3 – Simplifying Data Migration and Business Processes with Domo ETL (WATCH 
The ability to prepare, transform, and merge your data from across your organization is key to gleaning the insights and information needed to be successful.  
In this session, Alex Long from Korn Ferry shared how her small but mighty team migrated and merged four databases in less than 90 days. Then Domo’s DataFlows Product Manager, Justin Milheim, talked about the role Domo’s “New Magic ETL” played in the process. 
“We were bringing in a little over 2 million records into our system,” said Long, Korn Ferry’s Marketing Manager, Analytics & Support. “It took a lot of coordination and teamwork but we got there, and then we were able to clone what we did when another acquisition happened.” 
4 – Finding the Voice of the Customer Through Integrated Datasets (WATCH 
Customer-service data provides a plethora of insight about customer satisfaction and sentiment, but often these operational metrics are siloed or don’t tell the complete story. Various data sources from myriad tools can compound this issue when operationalizing on a global scale.

This session covers the work that happens behind the scenes to compile metrics into a single, cohesive dataset that enables quick, impactful insights. 
“If you’re not listening to what your customers are saying,” said Sierra Duncan, Analyst, Disney Streaming Services, “then you’re missing critical data points that can help you drive your business forward.” 
To learn more about modern BI for all, stay tuned for more blog posts about the principles that enable it: data agility, data literacy, and intelligent action.

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