/ Domopalooza, Four Years On

Each year, I’m blown away by Domopalooza – the customers, the platform, and the progress we’ve made since the year prior. This year, my fifth time attending since the first event in 2015, was no different. Here are my top three takeaways from the week:

  1. Massive platform enhancements. We launched seven major product announcements including the Business Automation Engine, allowing customers to automate alerts into action through third party system write backs; integration with Jupyter and Amazon SageMaker to enhance our AI offering; and the Domo for Good exchange, allowing not-for-profit organisations to be matched with the Domo community of staff, customers and prospects who want to loan their data and analytics skills to causes they care about.
  2. Business change brought to life. More than 75 customer speakers, including BBVA, World Rugby, and Save the Children, shared how they are using Domo to solve business problems, promoting transformation both internally and for their customers. These range from simply joining together data to provide visibility into customer behaviour and patterns, to using tackling the issue of concussions for sports players – data to assess risk and protect the health of individuals.
  3. Integration play. We heard from CIOs that Domo is the platform that can truly help them in the last mile of their data and analytics journey. This is by seamlessly integrating their existing technology stack, adding value to existing investments and key business infrastructure systems, such as ERP, cloud and CRM technologies. Not only do we integrate these to provide invaluable insights, we do this rapidly, securely and efficiently; Domo’s fast time-to-value means existing systems can be integrated and brought into the platform in as little as six weeks, allowing our customers to start driving transformation from insights quickly.

If you missed Domopalooza, you can join our Tune into Domo Domopalooza Special Edition webinar on Wednesday 10 April, where we will cover some of the key announcements including:

Domo Stories. Introducing a new paradigm for visualising insights, Domo Stories helps you to tell a consistent story with your data with customised dashboards and the flexibility to brand and design the look and feel of your pages. 

Digital Marketing Suite. Our new digital marketing suite is driving marketing excellence by bringing together all the data from digital marketing efforts to positively impact revenue and maximise marketing ROI.  

Enterprise Governance. Our latest features let you manage identity and data governance at scale as your enterprise usage of Domo grows, your latest advantage when it comes to managing complex data management regulations.

IoT Cloud. A new suite designed to connect all of your IoT device data to Domo, blend it with other DataSets, and make it actionable. With IoT only set to rise, this allows you to not only manage your IoT but ensure you have access to valuable insights that can be translated to positive action for your business.

We’ve also shared plenty of new content on Domo.com, where you can get up-to-date on the latest announcements and customer stories.

I’ve returned energised and excited about where we’re headed and how we are uniquely positioned to help our customers achieve a truly digitally connected business. If you’re interested in learning more about how we’re helping organisations to solve their business problems, I’d love to come and spend some time with you and your team so please get in touch. 

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