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Domo For Good Created to Use the Power of Data For Positive Change in the World

Program includes the Domo for Good (D4G) Exchange, an online community that empowers Domo’s purpose-driven customers to apply data and expertise to help non-profits build better communities, improve lives and support a healthier planet

Domo launches the program with strategic partnerships with Save the Children, A Better Life Foundation, and the Environmental Defense Fund

Silicon Slopes, UT – Domopalooza 2019 – March 21, 2019 – Today at Domopalooza, Domo announced Domo for Good (D4G), its new social good program designed to leverage the Domo platform in collaboration with non-profits, bringing the power of data to help solve society’s most pressing issues.

Core to the program is the Domo for Good Exchange, an online community designed to allow Domo customers to match themselves with non-profit organizations wanting to better leverage data to improve their organizations’ impact.

The Domo for Good Exchange was conceptualized following a customer dinner where chef and social impact entrepreneur Mark Brand talked about how Domo was partnering with him to help him better leverage data to help lift people out of homelessness. During that dinner, customers said they wished there was a way for them to help.

A lightbulb went off and Domo for Good was created. “The power of purpose is one of the most meaningful catalysts for change,” said Josh James, founder and CEO, Domo. “The Domo for Good program leverages data and the passion and talent of Domo experts –from our most capable customers to our incredible employees – to help non-profits build better communities, save lives, and lessen human suffering.”

The Domo for Good Exchange is available for customers through, where they can search for volunteer projects.

The Domo for Good Exchange launched today with several non-profit organizations. Non-profits looking to join the Exchange can enter their project needs through Domo provides special pricing for non-profits active in the program.

Domo Announces Strategic Partnerships with Save the Children, A Better Life Foundation, and the Environmental Defense Fund

As part of the Domo for Good program, Domo announced three strategic partnerships that leverage the talent and passions of Domo employees with the power of data and the Domo platform to help these organizations advance their missions.

Domo Senior Technical Consultant, Andrea Henderson, was one of the first Domo experts to participate in the Domo for Good program. Henderson explained, “As a Technical Consultant, I have the opportunity to work with many exciting companies on a wide variety of interesting and challenging projects. But having the privilege of using some of my time and skill to work with non-profit organizations that are in the business of literally changing the world? That brings a deepness and richness to my career that is difficult to put into words. This is Domo at its finest – uniting people and data in a way that enables socially impactful real-world change.”

The three strategic Domo for Good partnerships Domo is highlighting today include:

Save the Children: Improving the health and welfare of children around the world

Save the Children has reached more than 1 billion children since its founding in 1919. Today the global humanitarian organization serves 155 million children here in the U.S. and in 120 countries around the world.  Domo and Save the Children partnered, as Save the Children celebrates its 100-year anniversary, to better leverage data and the Domo platform to further advance its goal of driving progress for children globally.

As its first project, Domo is working with Save the Children’s Global Sponsorship Program. Domo will allow Save the Children to globally communicate essential information and metrics throughout the world in real-time. As an example, Domo will give the Global Sponsorship team daily updates on the number of children available for assistance and empower country managers to allocate resources to areas of the world that have the most immediate needs.

“As we celebrate our 100-year anniversary, we are excited to better leverage data and Domo’s technology to advance our progress for children globally,” said Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children. “We believe that having quicker insights into the populations we serve, will enable us to be more efficient in how we allocate limited resources to positively impact more children than ever before.”

For more information about Save The Children visit

A Better Life Foundation and Mark Brand Inc.: Changing the conversation around homelessness

Chef, social impact entrepreneur and professor, Mark Brand, is leading advocacy programs to change the conversation around homelessness and to reintegrate marginalized populations into society through purposeful work and innovative solutions to key issues like food insecurity.

When Brand was beginning to grow his social advocacy programs, the data demands were extremely complex. There seemed to be no way aggregate homelessness statistics, and share them in a way that would enable understanding. Domo’s team of consultants found, connected and clean massive amounts of data about homelessness and visualized it in a way that Mark was never able to see it before, with more in-depth information than he’d ever had.

“Domo empowers us to exponentially increase our impact in the world,” said Mark Brand. “I can use Domo as an actual tool to advocate with. It’s not just building the platform, it’s not just managing my business. This is an advocacy tool. When I walk into a conversation with a civic leader, and I pull up my Domo instance and go, ‘Hey, have you seen this before?’ and hand it to them, you should see their faces.”

As a next step, Domo is helping Brand bring a mobile app to life that will enable more accurate data collection about marginalized populations and make it easier to deliver services that address the complex issues around homelessness. For more information on Domo’s partnership with Mark Brand and how Domo is helping bringing actionable data to light that can be used to change the world, visit: – mark-brand-inc.

For more insight into A Better Life Foundation, visit

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF): Creating sustainable fisheries worldwide

Many of the world’s wild fisheries are either fully or overexploited, putting stresses on the billions who rely on them for nutrition and livelihoods.  If we do nothing, this trend will continue and most of the world’s fisheries will be in serious trouble by 2030.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is working in 12 key geographies to ensure that global fisheries live up to their enormous potential to produce more food, better nutrition and reliable income, while allowing people and nature to prosper together.

“The crisis we face in our fisheries around the world is largely invisible to most people,” said Kate Bonzon, Vice President, Oceans. “That’s why EDF is working with Domo to make both the problem and solution visible. The tools we build together will help spur the movement to transform fisheries to sustainability so that we build a health ocean ecosystem that provides livelihoods to tens of millions and feeds a growing planet.”

Domo and EDF will do this by displaying data on the health of the world’s fisheries, their potential for producing more food and income, the solutions that unlock this potential, and how the benefits of implementing these solutions far outweigh the costs. This data will be visualized in an interactive tool that allows users to explore the world of global fisheries, see what data is available, and make comparisons across geographies. EDF notes it does not make endorsements of companies nor of software products and its engagement on this project with Domo does not imply any endorsement.

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